Virtual Interaction

Tiger Virtual provides cutting edge technology to Clients who wish to interact and share information with their Virtual Assistant or would like us to set up their own cloud platform. We have created a Tiger portal using the latest Microsoft software, which allows each of our Clients to create their own secure cloud platform where files can be shared, data can be stored and remote video conferencing can take place.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business or multinational enterprise, Tiger Recruitment has the technology available to fit your organisation's unique needs. What’s more, the Manager of our Virtual Assistant Division will hand hold you through the process and help you set yourself up on the Tiger Platform.

  • The software we utilise enables colleagues and business partners to work together effectively, by sharing documents and information with ease. This enhances efficiency and facilitates productive team working.
  • In addition, Tiger Recruitment can deliver access to email, contacts and calendars through the cloud, meaning you’re always kept up-to-date no matter where you are based worldwide.
  • All data is hosted and stored via a cloud platform so individuals can work remotely and on any device; PCs, Apples, Phones and Tablets. Data is fully backed up.
  • Our program incorporates the latest version of Microsoft Office (and always will), as well as other indispensable tools such as SharePoint, Exchange and Lync. This means you never have to worry about your technology being out of date; with our help you will always be at the cutting edge.
  • Our software also allows you to use video conferencing over your PC.
  • Our program incorporates business-class security that is backed by Microsoft to ensure your data is always protected.

Why pay upfront for technology you may not always need?

Our Virtual PAs are experienced "Virtual Assistants" who will work remotely and with a great degree of flexibility to suit you.

  • With Tiger Recruitment’s per user per month pricing, you’ll only pay for the technology you use, and if your business expands or contracts you can simply add or remove users.
  • If you have multiple users we can structure file sharing to suit your needs from full transparency to complete privacy between users.
  • We can design the look of your cloud platform to fit with your branding and the functionality you require.
  • Run the rest of your business through cloud. If you don’t already have a network set up, then we can create one for you to manage emails, calendars, file storage and you’ll have access to the full suites of MS Office packages.
  • There are additional services that we can offer small to medium sized businesses, e.g. HR systems, bookkeeping, etc.

For further information on our Virtual Interaction services, please click through to our FAQs
page or contact David Morel or or on 020 7917 1801

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