Tiger Virtual Assistant Services - FAQ's

Virtual Assistant Services

  • Why should you hire a Virtual Assistant through Tiger?

    The benefit of using Tiger Virtual is that we have stringently vetted, tested and trained every single one of our Assistants.

    Security, confidentiality, quality control and value for money are both our Clients' and Tiger’s principle concerns. We assure you that we have left no stone unturned in our quest to provide our Client with all the above to the highest degree.

    In addition, Tiger have operated at the highest level in the “quality” end of the secretarial market for over ten years and we bring this expertise to our Clients and Candidates with Tiger Virtual.

  • How do I go about hiring a Virtual Assistant?

    When you contact Tiger Virtual, you will be connected to the Virtual Division, who will take down your requirements

  • How quickly can they start?

    A Virtual Assistant can start with you on the same day of your enquiry.

  • I need someone to help me out with a project at home. Is this possible?

    Yes, our Virtual Assistants are based in London and nationally. Please let us know how many hours a week you would like your Assistant to work onsite.

  • I am based outside the UK. Can I still use your services?

    Yes, we often provide Virtual PAs to support overseas Clients. We can charge you on a per project basis or hourly rate, whichever is easiest. 

  • I would like to maintain contact with one person only. Can I use the same Virtual Assistant in the future?

    Yes, our system has been set up to ensure that you always deal with the same Assistant.

  • What measures do you put in place to ensure Client confidentiality?

    Our Virtual Assistants have signed NDAs and 4 references have been taken on each Candidate to ensure discretion and confidentiality as far as possible. In addition, the Manager of the Virtual Division will oversee all work completed and act as quality control.

    On the Virtual Interaction side, your private platform is password protected

  • Are your Virtual Assistants technologically savvy and confident using different software and equipment?

    It is a requirement of Tiger Virtual that all our Assistants have a high speed internet connection at home, Skype, Blackberry and the latest MS software on their computer. Should you require specific software knowledge or language skills, then we can cater for your needs.

  • Can you provide references for any of your Virtual Assistants from other Clients?

    Yes, we collect four references on each of our Virtual PAs as standard.

  • How do I keep a track of the hours that my Assistant is spending on a project?

    Your Virtual Assistant will keep a record of their hours and submit their timesheet for your approval at the end of each week.

  • What happens if my Virtual Assistant goes on holiday?

    Because all Virtual PAs report into the Manager of the Division, it means that a back-up Assistant can be allocated immediately in the case of holiday or sickness. Tiger Virtual Assistants facilitate a comprehensive handover.

Virtual Interaction

  • What is Tiger’s virtual platform and how will it benefit the way I work?

    Tiger’s Virtual platform enables you to store and share files and folders with your Virtual Assistant through a secure cloud network. You also have PC based video conferencing facilities available to you.

  • How secure is Tiger’s virtual platform?

    Tiger’s virtual platform is backed by Microsoft and incorporates the highest level of business-class security giving you peace of mind.

  • How will Tiger’s virtual platform be implemented into my organisation / company?

    Installing Tiger’s virtual platform on any device is quick, easy and can be provided to as many users as you require. Sharing information between users can be restricted depending on how you would like your system set up. Your dedicated Tiger Virtual Assistant will oversee the process, answer any questions you have and will continue to provide support for the time you are subscribed to the platform.

  • Can I access my data anytime and anywhere?

    Yes, so long as you have connection to the Internet. All you need are your login details and password and you will have access to the most up to date version of your data at all times.

Virtual Office Services

  • Where would my business address be located?

    We have two offices, one based in a W1 postcode in the West End and the other in an EC2 postcode in the City. Both have meeting room facilities.

  • Do you provide a post forwarding service?

    Yes we do.

  • If I take a dedicated London phone number and telephone answering service, how will I know that my phone calls are being dealt with promptly and professionally?

    Our Virtual Office Services consist of a pool of highly professional and dedicated receptionists, some of which have been supplied by Tiger Recruitment. You can be assured that your phone calls will be dealt with at the highest service level.

  • Can I book a meeting room at short notice?

    Yes you can, we have a number of meeting rooms in both West End and City locations. They are all different sizes and are priced accordingly

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