• "Thanks for all your help to date. You’ve been great! Will keep you posted on this role and any others we might need help with."

    Boutique West End Executive Search Firm
  • "You have done a great job, I found all Candidates to be well tailored for the job so please rest assured that I will revert to you once we need to make our next recruit."

    International Businessman
  • "Tiger Recruitment has assisted on a regular basis in our quest for high-quality, permanent and temporary secretarial and administrative staff. To date Tiger has placed 5 permanent employees with us, and 11 temporary staff, and we have found that the quality of Candidates and employees introduced has generally been of the highest quality, with the permanent staff that we have recruited through Tiger, conscientious, intelligent and in almost all cases,  remaining with us for long periods of time. We find the staff at Tiger helpful, prompt and willing to listen to our requirements and resource them, rather than swamping us with blanket CVs from any Candidate introduced, as some other recruitment agencies do."

    Property Investors
  • "I have worked with David since March 2004 and in that time we have hired over 18 permanent PAs from Tiger Recruitment in addition to a number of  temporary workers. David has a complete understanding of our Company and the calibre of PA required to succeed in what is a very demanding business. He and his colleagues have always been professional in their approach, displaying the personal touch that is so difficult to find these days. I can’t recommend their services highly enough, nor their ability to consistently introduce us to high quality Candidates."

    Financial Services Company
  • "I really enjoyed working with Tiger. As always, your services are of high standard. A consultant came to see me to discuss the position within hours of my initial inquiry. I received quality CVs on the same day. She understood the position well and sent me the right CVs which saved a lot of my time. She also acted very quickly to arrange interviews for me. Although the selected Candidate was not from Tiger I am certainly impressed with your service and will definitely use Tiger again in the future."

    Private Equity Boutique
  • "I have worked with Tiger Recruitment for several years and we use them on a weekly basis. Tiger provide us with PA & Administrative temporary & permanent staff. Our Consultant has worked hard to understand the sort of Candidate who works well with us, and constantly provides us with very high quality CVs and reliable, viable Candidates. Their service is prompt, professional and proactive. I am very impressed with their work and I would happily recommend them to other firms."

    Financial Services Company
  • "I think our Consultant at Tiger is excellent. I deal with so many recruiters every day, and she is by far one of the best (not just at the moment, but she stands out from all the recruiters I have dealt with over the last 2-3 years – which is a lot!). Thorough, honest, genuine, thoughtful, considerate and efficient (and good quality Candidates). Especially considering I’m sure that the roles she works on for me are probably outside her bread and butter." 

    Top Times 100 Company To Work For
  • "Just wanted to say thanks to Clare and the Tiger team for sending through such high-calibre, impressive girls for the EA/Business Assistant role. We were spoilt for choice and you acted with utter professionalism, speed and efficiency throughout the process to find us a suitable Candidate at very short notice. Much appreciated and we look forward to working with Tiger again."

    Managing Director – Media Consultancy
  • “Hi David, Thank you so much for the box of chocolately treats - we are really enjoying them here, and I have become very popular! Everyone here is so nice and they have all made it so easy for me to settle in. This really is a great company, and I am so grateful for all of your work in securing such a great opportunity for me.”

    Many, many thanks, Karen
  • “Flora a big thank you to you, as I said previously you clearly understood the brief and the type of person we were looking for and the job could as easily have gone to Michael or Victoria”

    Private Bank
  • “Thanks too for your assistance here – all the 3 Candidates I met were great and could have done the job well. We appreciated Tiger’s services very much.” Nationally based Nursing Home “We are really very impressed with Tiger but more importantly you, we hugely appreciate all the hard work you have put in so far”

    International Gaming company
  • “Tiger Recruitment are an excellent group. They provide high quality and able staff that fit your job requirements. The agent we had was terrific – she took the time to fully understand not only role of the vacancy but also how our institution worked. There was a thorough search for the right person and a complete check of their skills. Introductions were well managed and very professional too. I have been very pleased with our 2 appointments. Both are excellent and provide much more than basic cover. Tiger Recruit high quality, hard working and reliable people.”

    London based Primary School
  • “There are probably thousands of recruitment companies in London, but you really needn't bother. I found Tiger to be not only extremely professional, but a genuinely friendly team to chat to about my HR needs. The lady I spoke to knew off the top of her head the right Candidate for me and she joined the team within two days. I look forward to working with Tiger in the future because I know the standard of service I can expect, and the calibre of Candidates is high. Thank you.”

    Online Lead Generation Company
  • “It was lovely to meet both you and Natalie yesterday, and we appreciate you taking the time to visit our office. We are extremely pleased with the service provided so far and look forward to working with your team in the future.”

    London based University
  • “I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful efforts and great expertise in matching people who are delighted to work together. Thank you!”

    International Private Individual
  • “As a client I knew that the only agency I could trust completely to find me the perfect candidate would be Tiger. That is why when I needed someone to come in to our office and cover for me I could only think to call Tiger and now I know that they deliver that same level of exceptional service to their clients as well as their candidates. They had the job done without a fuss and made my job extremely easy.

    I definitely hope to continue working with Tiger now and in the future.”

    Advertising Agency

  • “One of the best steps I took at the beginning of this year was to arrange a Skype coaching session with Lindsay. My long search for a new role had reached an impasse, but with Lindsay’s help I have been able to press forward with a new outlook and an edited plan. I found Lindsay easy to talk to and a great listener. Our session was well structured and our time well utilised as preparation emails clearly identified what I wanted to cover – my CV structure, cover letters, networking opportunities, career development strategies etc. Although I made notes during our meeting, Lindsay also provided helpful and informative paperwork that I can now refer back to as and when needed. I would happily recommend Lindsay as a coach to any of my friends. I just wish someone had recommended her to me sooner!”

  • “I am sure you have heard but we have been extremely well looked after by Jo and she has found us two excellent candidates. One starts this Monday and the other the following Monday. I am sure both are going to add great value to the business and we are all very excited about them joining us. The Tiger team, in particular Jo, were absolutely excellent and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you. The service has been brilliant. Thank you very much for all your help. ”

    Private Investment Company


  • "I appreciate all the effort that you have and are putting into these arrangements and today’s email shows that you are aware of a Candidate’s concerns. Of my dealings with recruitment agencies over the years from both sides, Candidate and employer, you have shown me to be far and above the most efficient and thoughtful and I would not hesitate to recommend you to others."

    Candidate A
  • "When I came in to meet my Tiger Consultant, she was very friendly and gave me some useful advice both on my CV, salary expectation, career path and interview technique. I have registered with several other agencies where I had to sit numerous tests and never got any constructive feedback, however the process at Tiger has always been professional and clear – something which was very valuable during a nerve wracking time. The support and guidance enabled me to get the fantastic job I now have – thank you so much."

    Candidate B
  • "Tiger Recruitment has provided a supportive and helpful service to me throughout the recruitment process. Their style of recruitment focuses on the ‘personal touch’ thereby allowing a strong relationship to develop between Consultant and Candidate. The Consultants are always approachable and make the search for a new role a completely smooth one. This has resulted in my placement in my perfect position! I would highly recommend them to both friends and colleagues alike and would have no hesitation in contacting them in the future for help."

    Candidate C
  • "I have found that David Morel, at Tiger, has been very supportive of my job search and has made himself accessible to me, answered emails very promptly and generally been encouraging. I didn't expect this, as other agencies with whom I've registered and attempted to maintain contact have shown a complete disregard for my having taken the time and trouble to establish links with them. I can therefore highly recommend Tiger for this reason. Their "little black book" is also a very helpful extra, and their newsletter, which I really liked the idea of. I hadn't received one of these before from an agency, and not only was the content interesting and pertinent to my job search - particularly to see the salary breakdown for jobs in which they had recently placed people - but also to have guidance as to Tiger's perspectives on the employment/CV process. To offer these additional extra touches is a very thorough, progressive approach to recruitment, and for this reason I believe establishes the agency as one of the best in the West End/London."

    Candidate D
  • "Thanks so much again for all your advice yesterday, I feel that it was a really valuable session for me and that I got a huge amount out of it regarding making my CV more effective."

    Candidate E
  • "Oh my goodness!!! I just got the biggest box of chocolates I've ever received in my life... and for a serious chocoholic like me, this has MADE my day :) Thank you so much... we're munching on choc cookies as I type. Emma, I am SO happy here so far. I can't explain it. I feel 'lighter' ... the people are so welcoming, the environment (food etc) is so good - I feel 'looked after' for the first time in a long time in a work place and Philippa and Charlotte have been great at showing me the ropes before Andrew and Salim get here next week :)."

    Candidate F
  • "It was great to meet you yesterday. It was the most refreshing interview I've had for a while - thank you!."

    Candidate G
  • "It was an absolute pleasure meeting you yesterday. I came away feeling utterly inspired and very positive about moving over to being a PA. Many thanks for the profile below. I'll work on my CV later today and send it over for you to review. A big thank you once again."

    Candidate H
  • “Hi David, I just wanted to drop you an email and say a huge thank you to you and the team at Tiger Recruitment. I have started at (company) and am thoroughly enjoying the experience already. Emily and Katy are so friendly and have really helped me settle here straight away, and I am learning more and more every day, already building upon my knowledge and experience as a PA. Whilst of course it is very early days, I cannot wait to grow and develop within the role and hope that I have the opportunity to stay here for some time. I must say a huge thank you for also sending across the box of chocolate gifts -they are a huge hit in the office and a very lovely thought Thank you again for all of your work and advice. My experience with Tiger has been smooth from beginning to end, and I found the process very personalised, with everybody seeming to bend over backwards to make sure that I was constantly looked after from my initial meeting with Lucy before work, to the before and after interview updates. I can't recommend you enough! Kindest regards,”

    Candidate I
  • “Thank you all for the goody box that arrived for me yesterday. Everything is quite delicious and you can imagine how popular I am! As I have said before thank you for your help. It has been a hard slog I have to say you and Tiger have been the most proactive out of all the other agencies I have been to. I have nearly finished week one and so far so good. My Boss is a lovely person and it is a great place to work.”

    Candidate J
  • “Just wanted to take the time to thank you for your assistance in placing me here. You did an excellent job throughout the whole process, I would very much recommend you to other potential Candidates as your communication and friendliness was second to none. Thanks once again. Have a fantastic week – hope the rain goes!”

    Candidate K
  • “Thanks so much for keeping me so busy over the last few months, Tiger has been brilliant! I realise especially the temp department must be a real juggling act!”

    Candidate L
  • “I have been temping with Tiger Recruitment over the last 3 months and in my opinion they are at the top of their game. Rebecca and Camilla are both creating a temp division in the agency, which is leading the pack in London; they are down to earth, trustworthy and excellent at what they do. It has been a delight working with Tiger and couldn’t recommend the temp division in particular, highly enough.” 

    Candidate M
  • A massive thank you to an incredible company! Hi Rebecca, I cannot believe I have been here a month already. Thank you so much for the massive box of chocolates you guys sent me - I received them this morning, turned my day right around!! Thank you for everything. Kind regards, Stephanie.”

    Candidate N
  • “I would also like to point out that I have never been treated in such a professional way to this standard by any other recruitment agency and I will be highly recommending your services to candidates looking for work.”

    Candidate O
  • “It was great to meet you this morning. Thank you for your time. I came away feeling optimistic towards finding the right role for me. Your staff are friendly and I felt you have a more helpful and personalised approach than other recruitment agencies I've been to. I've downloaded the app- it's very useful!”

    Candidate P
  • “Everyone at Tiger has been so amazing. I don’t think I have ever had a recruitment agency be so helpful and “on the ball” or send me on so many interviews in such a short space of time! It’s been great. Thank you once again for all of your help and support”

    Candidate Q
  • “Just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely parcel that was waiting for me when I arrived for my first day this morning! So sweet of you. Thank you also for being so great and helpful in this process- by far the most helpful recruitment company I have been registered with!! Thank you again.”

    Candidate R
  • “Thank you so much for the lovely gift! My daughter will definitely help me eat these wonderful chocolates. I would really like to thank you for your help, you found me the right job after 1 interview and I am very happy.”

    Candidate S
  • “I was lucky enough to be contacted by Tiger recruitment some time ago and thus I got the opportunity to deal with your colleagues/employees. I don't have to highlight that I consider Tiger recruitment the most professionalized recruitment agency here (and I have been in touch with dozen of agencies) but yet the way your team works exceeded all my expectations.

    I was in contact with Faye Tracey, Charlotte Wilson, Rebecca Siciliano and one more girl who answers the phones usually, and I was just impressed by the way they work. The level of their personal commitment to help, the attitude they had and advises they gave beyond the necessary 'must' left me amazed, grateful and above all inspired. If there was a top class 'customer service' ranking this team would definitely hit the top of it.

    Given the circumstance of a new comer to the UK, it was the human touch that helped me overcome critical situation I was dealing with. These ladies just helped in everything they could and I am hardly able to express my full appreciation. I believe that my succeeding on the British labour market is directly connected to what I learnt from your team. So let me hereby thank you for a great job you do and assure you that I will recommend Tiger to anyone who asks me about the best recruitment agencies in the UK.”

    Candidate T
  • “I finally made the leap to change careers at the beginning of the year. I quit my job and decided to dedicate all my time and resources to finding a career in HR. This was a daunting task I had set myself and the job search was often disheartening with a lot of negative responses from various people in the recruitment industry. It wasn't until I was introduced to Kat that things started to change. I met Kat at Tiger offices and she was very enthusiastic and positive about what I was wanting to do, she even had a role ready at the first meeting to talk through with me. Kat had some really good advice and we discussed "bridging" roles, i.e. roles which were a step away from law and toward HR. I walked away from the meeting feeling very positive and grateful for having been introduced to Kat. Soon after our meeting Kat had placed me in the perfect "bridging" role. Thank you Kat”

    Candidate U
  • “Tiger was unbelievably efficient and kind in my recruitment process. All of the consultants I met with really listened to what I wanted and needed, rather than just trying to place me somewhere. The process was extremely quick and I am super happy in my job. Tiger are definitely the best recruiters in London hands down.  I would recommend anyone to them and will continue to do so. Thank you so much!”

    Candidate V
  • “From the moment I met Kat and Amy, I knew that they had my best interests at heart. They found me a number of temporary placements and always helped me feel confident with the skills that I had to offer. Aside from just placing me, they helped me with interview prep and made sure that I was well equipped when going for all types of interviews. They met my salary expectations and catered to any holidays that I had. I was so pleased with them as an agency I introduced a couple of my friends and they treated them with the same manner of professionalism, respect and friendliness that I received. I signed up to a number of agencies but Tiger without a doubt, have been the best.”

    Candidate W 
  • “My experience of working with them as a candidate has been so rewarding and beneficial to my career. I have seen a major change in my performance since I started working with them.  They are the most efficient and hardworking agency I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They always worked hard to make sure they had work for me which would help me build my experience and widen my knowledge. After each job I was placed in I would receive honest feedback so if it was necessary I would know where there is room for improvement.  I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be at this stage of my career without the help of Tiger.”

    Candidate X
  • “I would like to thank you for your support and efforts in searching for suitable roles during my search. I have found Tiger Recruitment consistently professional, and will recommend it to my contacts.”

    Candidate Y
  • “I have worked for a few temp agencies over the last couple of years, and Tiger have stood head and shoulders above the rest with regards to the quality of the roles, and professionalism of the team.”

    Candidate Z
  • “I would also like to express how impressed and pleased I am with the agency so far. Your service particularly has gone far beyond my expectations and I am very grateful.”

    Candidate A1
  • “I just wanted to express my deep thanks for all you have done through the process of getting me this great job. Your thoughtfulness and care are greatly appreciated. You provided a most outstanding service that was so personalised. I wanted to wish you all the best for the future. Thank you for helping me get my foothold in this crazy amazing city.”

    Candidate B1
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