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Tiger has established an excellent name as one of the top secretarial agencies in London – and our Bristol and Dubai offices have a reputation to match.

'In addition to FTSE 100’s and SME’s we also recruit for all industries from Financial Services to Creative Companies, Family Offices and Private Households. We recruit across all market sectors.'

Quite simply, we pride ourselves on being the most professional middle people for high-calibre secretarial staff and a discerning base of Clients. As a leading secretarial agency in London with excellent national and international credentials as well, we're confident that we can find the top secretarial staff available in the market.

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On the back of our reputation in the secretarial arena, Tiger are often briefed on bespoke positions, most notably by Clients seeking high calibre Graduates and Events staff in addition to Candidates to fill Accounts and HR vacancies.

The results have been extremely positive and consequently we have placed greater resources to attract Candidates with Events experience (be this from a corporate or agency environment) and top Graduates.

Much of our work comes from the capital, where our role as a major London secretarial agency generates considerable business. The idea is to be able to provide our Clients with a one-stop shop for their recruitment needs at this level.

The Events market speaks for itself, but the Graduate arena we are targeting is relatively untapped. Specifically, there are increasing numbers of Candidates leaving University who haven't chosen a profession to follow. We attract these Candidates through strategic advertising and a number of relationships we have with Universities. Tiger Graduates are bright, eager and are very interested to hear about opportunities that our Clients can present to them - not just as secretarial staff, but in many other roles too.

We have placed these Candidates into researcher roles for top executive search companies, marketing assistant roles for leading financial services firms, junior negotiator positions within a range of estate agent practices and junior executive posts in PR/marketing and advertising sectors. Together, the success of these placings confirms our role as a pioneering and innovative secretarial agency in London, Bristol - and well beyond.

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In 2008, Tiger expanded their operation to the United Arab Emirates, with particular attention to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Since then we have further expanded to recruit top support staff internationally. Please see our international pages for further information.

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