• "I am currently seeking a new position as a Private Personal Assistant and met with Laura Glendenning yesterday, having previously had several registration interviews at other well respected recruitment agencies, all of which recruit in this area. The interview with Laura was in a completely different class to all the others I have experienced. Her considerable experience in the field meant that she was able to ask all the right questions, expose all my strengths and weaknesses and I left feeling confident that she will not be wasting my or clients' time by putting me forward for positions I am less than ideally suited for. Of course you are well aware that she is also completely delightful and very astute. Congratulations on this excellent addition to your agency, which puts it a cut above the rest. I will be sure to recommend you highly to anybody seeking work or staff in the private/household sector."

    Private PA, January 2017
  • "Working with Laura Glendenning has been a pleasure from start to finish. She completely understood the brief of what I was looking for in both a Private and Business Assistant and made sure that any candidates put forward to me were of the right calibre and fit to me personally. I’m very happy to say that through Laura’s hard work I now have 2 great assistants to support me in both a personal and business capacity."

    It’s clear that Laura has a real talent for putting the right people together.

    Business CEO, February 2017
  • "You’re awesome Laura, one of my favourites.

    Thank you!"

    Private PA, March 2017
  • "I can genuinely say, I have never been so impressed by a recruitment firm. From the moment I wrote to you, I found Tiger far from the 'normal' experience I have had with search companies in the past.

    I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you both and as recruitment processes go, it was completely seamless.

    In particular the time you both dedicated to talking me through my CV and advising how I could better it was brilliant. The time Laura dedicated to talking me through each interview and the pointers were equally inspiring. I really felt like you wanted to understand who I was and where I would be best suited-at no point did I feel like a candidate that was just generating you income-something I have felt with almost every other firm.

    Without wanting to appear too gushy, I would genuinely find it very hard not to want to build a relationship further with Tiger and hope that for the rest of my career choices, moves etc you will both remain an integral part.

    So, in short I cannot thank you enough.

    I am now in my second week; it is a huge change from my previous role but feels like an extremely good step up and I am thoroughly excited to build this role into something brilliant and wow what a wonderful challenge to try and crack!!

    I hope you are both well and that we all stay in touch."

    Private / Business EA, March 2017
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