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Happy New Year! >

Welcome to the January edition of Tiger Eye. On behalf of us all, I hope you enjoyed a fantastic Christmas and all the very best for a happy and prosperous 2015!


As customary at this time of year, we have been busy compiling our latest salary survey along with analysis of 2014 and thoughts on how the secretarial market will develop in 2015. 

The aim is to help you as much as possible with any permanent or temporary recruitment you are looking to carry out over the next 12 months and for the first time ever we have included temp rates in addition to permanent salary levels.

Please read on to keep abreast of the latest news from Tiger and how we are continuing to work hard to make sure we attract the best Candidates in the secretarial market.

One of the questions I am often asked by Clients is how do we attract high calibre Candidates and how do we differentiate ourselves from the competition.

The simple answer is we work hard to make sure our brand is one of the most recognisable in the market through strategic advertising and marketing as well as relying on personal recommendations.

One of the areas I pinpoint in such a conversation is the time we spend on search engine optimisation development (SEO). I realise this is an opaque topic to many, so I have written a piece to give you some insight into how we use search engines to reach out to Candidates.

Finally, we are running a promotion for January for Clients looking to place any new business with us before the end of the month.

And…. Don’t forget to order our 2015 mouse mat, which we will hand deliver to your office.

David Morel, MD


What's new @ Tiger >

Tiger Recruitment expanded in 2014 as we added to both our permanent and temporary teams. Victoria Lindfield joined the team from a competitor and has settled in well as a Senior Consultant on the permanent team. 


Sarah Worssam came from the property industry and joined tiger as a Researcher/Trainee Consultant. She will soon be moving into a pure Consultant role as soon as she has completed her 6 months training.


We have added to our temporary division with Rosanna Thomas joining as the third Consultant at the start of 2015 and Layelle taking over as Administrator for the temp team half way through 2014.


There are big plans ahead for Tiger in 2015 too. We are on the look-out for new office space, having grown out of 50 Jermyn Street. Ideally we are looking to stay in St James’s. We expect to hire four more staff over the next 12 months including 2 Permanent Consultants, a Marketing Manager and a Receptionist.

Please be assured that any growth we undertake at Tiger is on the condition that it enhances our offering as the leading supplier of high calibre support staff to the secretarial market in London and beyond. It is essential that the quality of our recruitment, the service we provide and the value of money we offer is not compromised.

The Tiger team continue to work collaboratively and because we interview over 60 Candidates a week between us we have to!

As always, the marketing team have done great things over the last 12 months. Hopefully you’ll have seen the new brand we created at the beginning of last year taking shape through different media and in 2015 we are looking to develop this further.

We have upscaled our presence on the social networking sites as well as developing the information we give to Candidates when they come in to register. We are currently implementing changes to our app to make it easier for Candidates to register for jobs and our “pre-registration” page on the website is still adding real value to Candidates and our Consultants.

In 2014, we recruited for our highest number of positions outside London and abroad. We are currently recruiting for companies based in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Barbados and Munich.

Salary Survey >

Every year, we conduct a survey of the salaries paid by our London based Clients over the previous 12 months. We work across many different sectors and therefore some of the ranges are wide.


In the few instances where we have not recruited for a particular role in the previous 12 months, we have based data on our market knowledge and market rates.


We have carried out a great deal of recruitment overseas, particularly in the UAE and we can advise on salary levels in this region or elsewhere should you require.

In the same way, we have recruited for roles outside of London and the disparities between different counties means that it would be difficult to include this data in this survey. Again, we can advise on past salaries should you be looking to recruit in 2015.


Finally, our Virtual Division continues to flourish and you should budget from £25.00 - £40.00 per hour for a Virtual PA depending on your requirements. For more information on hiring a Virtual PA, please contact us on 0207 917 1801. 

Key Facts >

• Overall, salaries increased in 2014 from 2013
• 25% increase in EA jobs filled at £45-50k level from previous year
• Lowest salary we recruited for in 2014 was £18k
• Graduates and first jobbers are now expecting a minimum salary of £20-25k, with most being placed between £22-25k. This is the highest seen in the secretarial/administrational market to date
• 57% of candidates who registered with Tiger last year had a degree. This was up from 54.5% the previous year but down on 5 years ago when the figure was closer to 70%
• Benefits packages have never been so important to Candidates when deciding whether to accept an offer
• 25 days holiday (excluding bank holiday) is the norm, not the exception
• 45% increase in number of Permanent, Temporary, Contract and Virtual jobs taken on by Tiger in 2014 versus 2013
• Good temps are being hired quickly and Clients wanting to pre-screen (interview) are losing out
• Temps are being more forthcoming about asking for higher rates
• Tiger saw an increase of 55% in new temp jobs registered with us in 2014 versus 2013
• More jobs has led to temps having a greater choice on which role they accept
• 2014 saw an increase in the number of temp bookings being extended. We put this down to increased workload at our Clients
• Further to the previous point, there was an increase in the number of Candidates taken on temp to perm in 2014

Predictions for 2015 >

• The market will continue to be Candidate led. Competition amongst employers will result in salaries increasing again in 2015
• Employers with basic benefits packages need to review these so they don’t lose out. In the absence of an attractive benefits package, an attractive bonus package needs to be present
• Work/life balance is more important to Candidates than ever before. Expectations on support staff in terms of workload are higher than ever. As a result, Candidates are expecting 25 days holiday per year, excluding bank holidays
• Living costs in London are such that starting salaries for support staff will continue to increase


SEO - the dark arts? >

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process by which a Company or individual can affect where they rank on google for a particular search term. In recruitment terms, the higher the agency appears in google, the higher the number of Candidates attracted to their website and the wider the pool from which to pull high calibre Candidates in to register.


So, there are over 3.5 billion searches carried out Worldwide on Google every day and it is one of the first ports of call for job seekers looking for a new opportunity. In other words, the higher that Tiger can appear on selected terms, the better.

“SEO – the dark arts” is not such a ridiculous title either. So competitive are the top spots on Google that companies engage in “black hat” tactics to try and cheat Google and appear higher up the rankings through devious means.

“White hat” techniques are the above board systems we employ and whilst these can be very time consuming, they have a lasting presence and avoid the penalties that Google can impose on you should you be caught meddling with the dark arts, such as buying directory listings with no relevance to your own site or stuffing your pages full of keywords.

Examples of “white hat” techniques we use at Tiger include the following:

Content writing
We are constantly writing new content and editing current content to make sure that Tiger is perceived to be an authority in the secretarial and administrational market.  The judge, in this case, is Google’s complex algorithms which crawl through a website like a hungry spider and they assess content, the depth of the site and the relevance to a particular search term compared to similar websites.

Blog writing
In connection to the above, we write at last two blogs every month. Firstly this gives us the opportunity to advise our Clients and Candidates on key subjects of interest and secondly it is a medium through which we can add original content.

Social networking
Connecting with Clients and Candidates on social networking sites is key to our SEO policy. By making sure that all new jobs appear across all platforms (Google+Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn) we can reach a wider audience quickly and direct people back to our website. On the one side we are providing relevant and up-to-date information. On the other, we are directing individuals to pages on our own site, increasing our traffic and in turn adding more value to the Tiger brand and in-turn appearing higher up the rankings.

Links from high quality and relevant websites are proven to be crucial to achieving higher rankings. The BBC is seen as one of the most authoritative sites out there and a link from them will have very positive ramifications to your own website. At Tiger, as you’ll see from the press page, we are asked to quote or write articles in the press or for magazines. Sometimes we can get a link, sometimes we can't BUT it all counts in the eyes of Google and this is why we spend time writing. Again, we are also able to advise the wider market on trends, news and our perspective on the secretarial recruitment industry in general.

I hope the above has shed some light on a complex subject. Let me finish by saying that our website is viewed by upwards of 20,000 people every month and if you type in the following terms in your Google browser, you will see that our hard work in this area is paying off; ‘London Temp Agencies’ and ‘Hire a Personal Assistant London’.


Mousemats  >

Give us a call on 0207 917 1801 or email olivia.omalley@tiger-recruitment.co.uk to order your incredibly handy 2015 Tiger mouse mats.


Just let us know the number of mouse mats you require and we will hand deliver them to your office!



Promotion >

10% discount when you brief Tiger on a new Permanent position between 14th January and 28th February 2015 inclusive.*




*This promotion doesn't cover business we have already been instructed on and represents a reduction in our fees from 20% to 18% on Permanent business only.

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