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A very warm welcome to the January edition of our Client Newsletter, Tiger Eye, bringing you our latest salary survey and useful market updates to help you recruit over the year ahead. As usual, we are running our yearly promotion offering a discount on new permanent business so please read on!


2016 marks the 15th birthday of Tiger Recruitment and we will be marking this occasion with several events throughout the year to thank our Clients for their continued business and to raise money for a couple of very worthwhile causes that we have decided to sponsor this year, namely Headcase Cancer Trust and The Rob George Foundation. Please visit the fundraising page on our website for further information.


2015 was an exciting year for Tiger. The company has more than doubled in size since this time last year and in July 2015 we opened our City office. Headed up by Kat Martyn, the team have done a superb job of raising Tiger’s profile in the City and we have taken on some great new Clients and Candidates. In fact, we have had to move the team into a bigger office!


As always, we have strived to do things better, be more efficient in the way we work and to look after our Clients and Candidates as we would like to be looked after ourselves. To this end, we re-designed the Tiger app, added job specs to the website for Clients to use, re-designed our brochure and have started writing weekly blogs. Internally, we have taken on more admin staff so that our Consultants can concentrate on their Clients and Candidates.


Candidate care has also been at the top of our agenda and a great deal of time has gone into looking at how we can improve the “Candidate journey” through Tiger Recruitment. For example, we have made improvements to our internal systems, edited the “Black Book” which all Candidates receive on registration and in 2016 will be producing monthly bulletins and quarterly videos to tackle a range of important subjects.


The year ahead is an exciting one for us and with a super Management Team leading the way, I feel confident that we can continue to provide our Clients with a boutique service of the very highest quality. As always, feel free to contact me at david.morel@tiger-recruitment.co.uk if you have any questions, need any advice or would like a quick update on the secretarial market.


If you haven’t received your 2016 mouse mat, please let us know and we will hand deliver to your office!

David Morel


Market overview – key points >

2015 was a busy year in the secretarial recruitment market and we saw increased hiring volumes from Companies across all sectors.

The two main reasons for this were:


  1. Confidence returning to the economy causing employers to increase their headcount.
  2. Candidates who had previously been hesitant to move felt confident enough to look for a new job, meaning employers needed to find replacement personnel.
  • The first week of 2016 saw Tiger being briefed on record numbers of permanent and temporary business as the secretarial market looked to carry on from where it left off in December.
  • The flow of quality Candidates coming back to the market has improved having slowed down markedly in December 2015.
  • It is expected that this trend will continue in 2016, although any sustained instability in the financial markets will cause many Candidates to put any plans to move jobs on hold.
  • Overall, strong Candidate market conditions are likely to be prevalent in 2016 as demand for quality Candidates out-strips supply.
  • As a result, salary levels will continue to increase, albeit at a slower rate than they did in 2015.
  • In 2016, it is important that Clients complete their interview process quickly to make sure they don’t lose out on their chosen Candidate.
  • Our Clients need to work with us to make sure offers are put together at the correct level. Candidate aspirations are changing from the start to the end of the recruitment process if they are in demand elsewhere.
  • Counter-offering is becoming more commonplace.

In short, there is a high demand for top quality Candidates and the market in this area is competitive and will remain so. We stay close to our Candidates throughout the recruitment process so we can keep you informed of other interviews they are attending. In this way, our Consultants will give you the information you need to put the most competitive offer forward at the end of the process.

Salary survey >

Every year, we conduct a survey of the salaries paid by our London based Clients over the previous 12 months. We work across many different sectors and therefore some of the ranges are wide.


In the few instances where we have not recruited for a particular role in the previous 12 months, we have based data on our market knowledge and market rates. We have carried out a great deal of recruitment overseas, particularly in the UAE and we can advise on salary levels in this region or elsewhere should you require. In the same way, we have recruited for roles outside of London and the disparities between different counties means that it would be difficult to include this data in this survey. Again, we can advise on past salaries should you be looking to recruit in 2016.

Key points >

  • 5-15% increase in salary levels in 2015.
  • 5% increase in salary levels expected for 2016.
  • Temp rates remained broadly static in 2015 and we expect these to increase in 2016 in line with supply and demand.
  • Candidate market conditions becoming stronger as predicted.
  • In 2015, Candidates at all levels have tended to move at between 5-10% increase in current salary.
  • In the last 6 months, this has been at an average of 8% increase in current salary.
  • Most entry level secretarial/admin jobs paying £25k. The highest level on record.
  • Over 80% of our Clients are giving their staff 25 days a year holiday, excluding bank holidays.
  • Bonus level expectations are set to be higher in 2016 than 2015.
  • Experienced Team Assistants in financial services are expecting £40-45k as opposed to £35-40k.
  • A big increase in the number of jobs paying £50k+. A 200% increase in fact!
  • Tiger placed double the number of temps in 2015 than we did in 2014 – over 1000 over the course of the year.
  • Tiger saw an increase of 25% in new permanent jobs registered with us in 2015 versus 2014.
  • 58% of Candidate who registered with Tiger last year had a degree. This compares to 57% last year so little change.

Ten of the most creative job ads of all time >

In today’s recruitment market it can be pretty tricky to stand out from the crowd on a standard job board. When listings start to all look the same, it can be difficult to get a feel for each company’s individual culture.


It’s this personal element that many businesses sometimes miss in their advertising of job roles, so we thought we’d highlight our pick of ten great ones we found around the internet.


Most ads manage to successfully convey a sense of their business’ identity without disclosing too much at all about the job itself. Most of them rely on intrigue… And it works! Please click on the link below and be sure to let us know your favourites!


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Give us a call on 020 7917 1801 or email grace.tedstone@tiger-recruitment.co.uk to order your incredibly handy 2016 Tiger mouse mat.


Just let us know the number of mouse mats you require and we will hand deliver them to your office!



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10% discount when you brief Tiger on a new Permanent position between 13th January and 29th February 2016 inclusive.*



*This promotion doesn't cover business we have already been instructed on and represents a reduction in our fees from our standard fees on Permanent business only.

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