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Market Snapshot - September 2015  >

2015 has been a busy year in terms of recruitment as Companies across the board have hired new support staff. There was a pre-election dip in terms of the volume of new permanent vacancies, but the market has quickly rebounded and August was the busiest we can remember at Tiger Recruitment.


We expect a further increase in the number of new permanent and temporary requirements from the second week of September until the end of 2015. This is backed up by information provided by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) who say they expect 84% of companies to grow their workforces over the next 3 months.


The REC expects any growth to be non-sector specific and that there will be an increase in starting salaries for both permanent and temporary workers.

At Tiger, we have seen salaries rise steadily throughout the year and any further rises will push us further into a Candidate led market.

Candidate Care - Top of our agenda  >

At Tiger, we are constantly reviewing the way we work so that we improve the level of service we provide to our Candidates and Clients.

The biggest challenge we face is operating in a market where there is such a high volume of Candidates and making sure that every individual feels they are being looked after when registering with us.


A representative from Tiger took part in a webinar organised by The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC). When the topic moved on to Candidates as opposed to Clients it became clear that many job-seekers felt the service they receive from their recruitment agencies could be improved upon.

In the survey carried out by the REC 80% of Candidates were not asked for feedback on the recruitment process. It also became apparent that there was often a mismatch between Candidates’ and Employers’ wants and needs. I.e. A role being mis-sold.

In addition, Candidates who were unsuccessful at interview stage felt that they were often not given appropriate feedback


Tiger’s response

We understand the above comments very well and have collectively worked to further improve our Candidate care. Some of the initiatives we already implement and some new ones we have implemented can be seen below:


• Should you see a job advertised by Tiger that catches your eye, please either respond directly stating your interest and that you are registered or please email your Consultant with a list of those jobs you are interested in. Your details will then be forwarded to the relevant Consultants. Please note, email is the most efficient medium to relay your interest in a particular role.


• At registration, we will always try and introduce you to at least one other Consultant.


• We have improved the way we use our database by creating more search terms so that we can be as targeted as possible with the jobs we run past you.


• We have improved our website to give you access to useful information that will help you, not just in your job search, but when you find a job. E.g. The creation of Job Descriptions for all key roles we recruit for and at least 2 new informative blogs each month.


• Our app has been redesigned to help you in your job search.

• Tiger Consultants visit every Client we work with (unless there is an exceptional circumstance) to understand their culture and to discuss their requirements in detail. The result is that we are able to brief Candidates accurately on any given role. We visit some of our bigger Clients repeatedly throughout the year.


• Our Consultants will provide feedback to unsuccessful applicants. Please be aware that we are at the mercy of our Clients. some of whom are economical with the information they provide. If you don’t receive feedback on a job, please email the Consultant who has been looking after the role and they will respond quickly.

• We value your feedback and it is this feedback, both positive and negative, which helps us to constantly improve the way we work. We are currently devising a simple feedback system for our Candidates that is quick and easy to use. Details to follow.

Job Description Templates available for Download >

Tiger Consultants are often asked to provide Template Job Descriptions for our Clients/Candidates to amend accordingly.


To help you, we have created downloadable templates for the positions we are most often asked to recruit for. You can access these at: http://www.tiger-recruitment.co.uk/job-description-templates

Whats 'Apping'! >

In the name of innovation, and embracing technology to improve the way we work, our temp team are creating a number of “What’sApp” groups so that they can send the details of new temp jobs straight to your mobile phone in the speediest way possible. Watch this space - Layelle and the temp team will be launching this new initiative in September.


Autumn Promotion! >

If you know of someone looking to recruit a talented individual, then please let us know. We will offer £300 in Selfridges vouchers for successful referrals! £100 more than usual!

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