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Happy New Year and wishing you the very best for 2016 from us all at Tiger!
2015 was a frenetic year for many of our Candidates as greater economic stability led to a big increase in hiring across both permanent and temporary divisions.

2016 has started with a bang and we have seen a high quantity of new permanent and temporary jobs come through as you will note from our website - http://www.tiger-recruitment.co.uk/jobs


Please apply for any jobs of interest and if you haven’t spoken to us for a while, please send an updated CV to grace.tedstone@tiger-recruitment.co.uk.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading this newsletter. Charlotte has written a piece to help you find that dream job and Florence has written a very interesting article about the evolution of the PA.
We will be hosting a number of fund raising events in 2016 and I hope you can join us to raise money for two very worthwhile causes.


Tiger in 2016 >

On the 1st October 2016, we will be celebrating our 15th birthday by hosting a couple of parties to thank our Candidates and Clients. Please keep an eye on our website and social networking sites for further details. It will certainly be an occasion to remember!


2015 saw big changes at Tiger and the creation of our new City office run by Kat Martyn. In the last 6 months they have grown from a team of 4 to a team of 7 and have moved into bigger offices already! We have taken on many new Clients based in The City and Canary Wharf, including a number of Investment Banks, magic circle Legal Firms and big Insurance Companies. Feel free to contact the team about opportunities in the City. They can be reached on 020 7997 6040 or at kat.martyn@tiger-recruitment.co.uk.

The team in the West End office has also expanded across the board to ensure we can continue to offer a high level of service to our Candidates. Victoria Lindfield  is now heading up the permanent team and works closely alongside Rebecca Siciliano who celebrated 5 years at Tiger in 2015. Our admin team has grown and is set to grow further too.

We have big plans for 2016 to make sure we deliver the complete service to our Candidates. In 2015, we continued to add useful content to the Tiger website to help our Candidates. For example job specs, which can now be accessed by all - http://www.tiger-recruitment.co.uk/pa-recruitment.

We enhanced our app to make it more user friendly - http://www.tiger-recruitment.co.uk/smart-phone and in 2016 will be introducing something new to the market to further aid our Candidates in their job search. Watch this space!

Throughout 2016, I will be putting together a number of short videos with some tips and market advice for our Candidates. Our first one has just gone live this week, so please take a look. If you would like me to address any particular topics or answer any questions via these videos in 2016, please email me with your suggestions.

Ultimately though, it is about helping our Candidates find the perfect jobs and, to this end, please read on to make sure you are the first person we think of when we take on a new role.
All the very best with your job search for 2016 and as always I welcome your feedback, comments and advice at david.morel@tiger-recruitment.co.uk.

                                                                                                           David Morel


How to secure your dream job – Charlotte Brooks, PA to David Morel >

2015 was a very big year at Tiger and we were delighted to have a record-breaking year in both temporary and permanent divisions, helping very talented Candidates find their dream jobs!


That being said, I understand there are a number of Candidates who we weren’t able to assist so I have written a small article below, so that you better understand how we work and will do our best for you in 2016 and beyond!


Our advice on how to secure your dream job for the New Year!
We have collated 7 key points to help you “stand out” in this very competitive market:

1. Registration Interview – Interviewing with Tiger is a pre-round interview before meeting our Clients. Please come presented as you would if you were interviewing with our Clients.

2. Send an updated CV every 3 months – Once registered with Tiger, it is important to send an updated CV through every 3 months. When we are sending our shortlists to our Clients, it is vital we are sending through a CV which shows all of your experience to date. If your CV hasn’t changed, please re-send it because the Consultants search Candidates who have updated their CV in the last quarter

3. Feedback - Please feedback to your Consultant straight after your interview – this allows us to liaise with our Client so we can move the process along quickly and smoothly.

4. Be honest and open – it helps us significantly if we’re aware of your other job opportunities and it will definitely speed up the process when liaising with our Clients.

5. Keep an eye on our website – Even if you are registered with us, please let us know of any specific roles you are interested in so we can cover all grounds.

6. Be sure to attend the interview! When you agree to be put forward for a job and an interview time is set, we expect you to go! Cancelling or rescheduling is rarely an option, and it doesn’t look professional – this will also decrease your chances of securing that perfect job.

Good luck and feel free to update your details through me at charlotte.brooks@tiger-recruitment.co.uk

The evolution of the PA – from stenographer to iPhone – Florence Wilson >

Can you imagine starting your morning of work without checking your Blackberry or iPhone? Walking into an inbox of emails that need to be actioned? Managing that ever changing Outlook diary?


In the early 90s the life of the PA was very different, worlds apart from the role today. Your pencil and rubber would be your best friend, whereas today most of us have not one but two mobile phones. Changes could not be amended at the speed of two clicks, but by using your eraser.

Would you have predicted how the role of a PA would evolve over time? Let’s take a closer look at how the traditional elements of the role have evolved today.


Travel booking - Today we are spoilt with various methods to book travel; from comparison sites to find the best deal compared to the 90s when we would spend extensive time on the phone with agents trying to sell us all of those extras!


Processing expenses - In the early 90s expenses would be hand written with that trusty pencil and a calculator! Today we have Concur. For those of us who are still a little old school, we can create our own excel sheet.


Managing diaries - Today we manage diaries via two screen, colour coded Outlook but in the early 90s this would have been in the paper format.


Correspondence - From post to fax to email. As the role of the PA has evolved so has the way in which we communicate. In the late 80s and early 90s our offices echoed with the rather bizarre humming and screeching noises of the fax machine. Today we have Wifi on our desktops, laptops and mobiles, even underground on the tube; the dial up internet tone is a distant memory (thankfully!).


Relationships - From typewriter to keyboard, from post to email, one thing that has most definitely survived the evolution of the PA and always will, is the relationship you have with the person/team you are supporting. As technology is ever evolving and the role of the PA is constantly developing, even more exciting opportunities within a support role are created.

With the advances in technology that we have experiened over the last 35 years it will be facinating to see how the role of the PA changes over the next 35 years! 


Tiger fund raising >

Each year, Tiger Recruitment fundraises for a specific charity or foundation. This year we have chosen two new charities to support – Headcase Cancer Trust and The Rob George Foundation.


The Tiger team will be organising events throughout the year, both in-house as well as events that hopefully our Candidates will also be able to participate in such as a Tiger Bake Off, Tiger Summer Olympics and several other sporting events so watch this space!
Please click here for further information.

Tiger Top Jobs >

We have taken on many permanent and temporary jobs across both West End and City offices already in 2016. Please find a selection of these below:


Permanent Roles

Temporary Roles


Refer a friend >

Please remember that we offer £200 in Selfridges vouchers when you recommend a friend to us, who we then place in a job. In addition, you could also win vouchers by recommending a new piece of permanent or temporary business to us that we then go on to place. Please email any recommendations to David Morel.


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