House Manager/Butler

  • Salary:£45,000-£55,000 per annum
  • Location:London Greater
  • Term: Permanent
  • Posted:15 Nov 2017
  • Tiger Job ID:AFHMHEN1504

A fantastic opportunity for a House Manager/Butler who will work directly for the Principals overseeing all aspects of running and maintaining both their main UK residence in Berkshire and possibly a secondary residence in the south of France.

You will need to have initiative, be highly organised, efficient and confident in all aspects of managing the operations of a reasonably sized residence run to a very high standard. You will need to take full responsibility for the management and operation of the principals properties dealing with all the day-to-day needs of running a high standard residence and dealing with both internal staff and external subcontractors.

You will have responsibility for all aspects of operating the owners residences which are run to a five-star hotel standard and carrying out the normal roles associated with a personal Butler or Household Manager.  You will be responsible for the management and organisation of the Principals lifestyle planning (Vacations, parties etc) and be working partly as the Principals lifestyle PA working in close association with the Principals business PA. 

You should not be shy in assisting the other personnel with their duties when required and should lead the household team from the front showing your prepared to do anything you might be asking of them.  You will be expected to carry out provisioning and other shopping tasks for the principals.

You will be overseeing 3 to 5 full-time and part-time staff at the UK residence and up to 5 full-time and part-time staff (during the summer) at the French residence.  You will be responsible for recruiting and managing a high-calibre of staff to work within the owners residences and overseeing all aspects of contracting and overseeing the household personnel and applying the relevant staff procedures and protocols.  You will also be responsible for carrying out disciplinary and other procedures for the staff under your supervision.

You will be responsible for running the household budgets and making sure full and detailed accounts are kept for the properties for which you will be responsible.

You will need to have an understanding of high social etiquette and formal service, knowledge of the maintenance and care requirements of a home finished to a high standard, knowledge of luxury wardrobe maintenance and VIP guest reception and table service.

The owners travel frequently and need to have full confidence the home will be secure and well-run in their absence.  When the owners are travelling you will have responsibility for overseeing care, between yourself and the resident staff, for the in house pets.

You should be prepared to travel with the Principals when required accompanying them on possible yacht and Villa charters.

Ideal applicants should be:

  • Highly attentive to fine detail.
  • Fit - both houses are on several levels and require active personnel.
  • Pet Knowledgeable – Pet friendly.
  • A good communicator.
  • A non smoker .
  • Holding a full driving licence.
  • Computer literate and accomplished in Word documents being able to prepare reports and documents to high standard and also detailed Excel sheets for accounting purposes.
  • Courteous and polite - understand professional but discreet service requirements and “front of house” image.
  • Smartly dressed and neatly turned out at all times.
  • Experienced in a similar position for a reasonable period of time with at least 3 years continued service in one position.
  • Of a good-humoured and cheerful disposition.

Working hours will be from 9.30am-6.30pm including Saturdays on a rotation basis.

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