Head Chef - private residence

  • Salary:£55,000-£75,000 per annum
  • Location:London West End
  • Term: Permanent
  • Posted:09 Mar 2015

This is a super role for an experienced chef, with considerable culinary experiences, creativity and an extensive repertoire to look after the culinary requirements of this UNHNWI's London residence. You'll be working within a global team, reporting into the culinary manager based in the Principal's main residence in the US and also the House Manager in London.

You'll also be supporting the other European properties and liaising with your counterpart/s based there.

On a daily basis though your duties will include the following:

h * Responsible for the planning and management of daily kitchen operations at the London property and provide coverage for the other European kitchens when necessary, ensuring they meet the needs of the owner, the Culinary Manager, House Manager(s) and other personal service staff

h * Responsible for the preparation and supervision of all meals for the owners, family, guests and staff

h * Share and maintain regular internal dialogue with global culinary team, observing established methods of preparation, cooking, portion control, presentation and garnishing to standardize preference recipes and ensure consistent standards

h * Manage purchasing, storage, inventory and proper rotation of all food, beverages and culinary supplies with great attention to detail, and in accordance with the Culinary Manager

h * Regularly upload pertinent information to the Culinary SharePoint

h * Develop contacts and administer effective negotiation skills

h * Generate creative ideas through the suggestion, development and customization of recipes
h * Responsible for menu planning for owner, family, guests and implementing food control through accurate estimations of food consumption, purchases, requisitions, dietary requirements, popularity of various dishes and kitchen supplies

h * Assist with planning and preparation of event food, working with the Personal Services and Special Events teams when required

h * Keeping up-to-date on the latest culinary trends, reviews and restaurant recommendations, especially in London, the UK and Venice

Ideally, you will have worked within a Michelin star restaurant previously, with good connections and knowledge of the industry in London. Above all, we are looking for someone creative, eager to make their mark and see this as an opportunity to grow their experience.

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