Job Description Templates

Tiger Recruitment are often asked to supply templates for PA Job Descriptions and all other job roles we recruit for. We have created a set of generic support staff job descriptions for you to use as a starting point should you need to put together a new job specification.

Writing a job description

A job description should clearly outline the key duties you expect to be performed within any given role.

The job title of the role should be defined as well as who the role is supporting. If you require certain skills, education, training or other pre-requisites or desirables, then these should be listed.

Salary and benefits including hours of work and holiday should be clearly listed.

Why a well written job description can save you time?

Candidates should be able to determine quickly whether a position is suitable for them by reading through a clearly put together job description.

The job seeker can make a decision on whether to apply or not based on whether they have the appropriate skill set and competencies you have outlined. They can also judge their suitability for the role outlined.

A good job description should mean you receive less applications from candidates that do not match the criteria you have set out for the job and saving you time in the process.

Please find our full list of support staff Job specs below:

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