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If you are looking for a new position or wish to hire an International PA in Dubai - or elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) - you need to talk to International PA recruitment specialists Tiger Recruitment! We made a decision at the beginning of 2008 to expand our operation to the UAE, with particular attention to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We have placed, and continue to place, a high number of Candidates already based in the region or relocating from elsewhere in the UK or from further afield.

A number of our Clients have an increasing office presence in Dubai and other Gulf countries, and consequently we have found there to be a need for high-calibre native English-speaking support staff, particularly at the Senior International PA/EA, Secretary and Legal Secretary levels. There is a demand for Project Managers and Business Managers across the board as well and we continue to be successful in the placing of these. Unsurprisingly, English speakers who also speak Arabic are in high demand and we are able to source workers with these skills for our Clients.

Tiger UAE is located and run from our Dubai office. The office is managed by a Senior Consultant who will be able to assist you with your requirements. We use the latest technology to share information between our Dubai and London offices and we work off a centralised database to ensure we have access to the best Candidates for each search we carry out. We have two Senior Consultants dedicated to this area of our operation in addition to a New Business Manager, based in London, dedicated to matching International PA and Secretary roles to opportunities arising in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

"Personality fit" has always been the keystone to our successful International PA and Secretary recruitment, and as part of our unique service, we meet Candidates face-to face to screen each and every person.

If we are briefed on a non-local position or are relocating individuals, then we use video conferencing and skype facilities to register Candidates and to allow our Clients to interview "face-to-face". 

Our strong branding, market presence and reputation in the International PA and Secretary market means that we attract a unique array of top-calibre Candidates looking to relocate to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other countries in the UAE, and we are fully confident in our ability to put together an unbeatable short-list for any vacancy we are asked to recruit for.

In addition to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Tiger have worked with Clients based in the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Oman, Kuwait, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Barbados.

For further information on Tiger's International Operation, please contact David Morel on 020 7917 1801 or david.morel@tiger-recruitment.co.uk

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