Operations Manager

An Operations Manager’s responsibilities can vary enormously from one company to the next, or from one industry sector to another. One commonality however, should be their conscious drive towards a business’s productivity through the ongoing management and monitoring of central business activity. 

Tiger Recruitment has an acute understanding of the particulars of an Operations Manager’s position and responsibilities. Their core competencies and behaviours contribute to a unique skillset we recognise and understand, making it that much more of a smoother process to find the right candidate for you.

What is the job of an Operations Manager?

An Operations Manager will likely manage and lead a team of HR, IT and/or financial support staff through effective overseeing and performance management. With a focus on quality control and compliance, an Operations Manager’s purpose is their optimising of a business’s operational productivity.

Tiger’s Operations Manager Recruitment Strategy

Your Tiger consultant will work closely with you at the job briefing stage to gather all the necessary information required for the vacant role in your company. This process is of the utmost significance not least because it allows us to start to build a profile of the ideal candidate and their background, operations toolkit and competencies required to succeed.

Our holistic search method spans internet marketing, referrals, professional networking and database searching. An Operations Manager’s industry experience and company background is then crucially considered and assessed via behavioural and competency based questioning, enabling us to fully ascertain their proficiency for the position at hand. 

What Can You Expect From Our Operations Manager Candidates?

Tiger candidates undertake a rigorous assessment and selection process - regardless of whether the position is an interim management role to cover a period of absence or a more permanent placement. 

As an established office support recruiter in London, we regularly receive referrals which means we have access to high calibre candidates, often exclusively registered with us. Our goal is to deliver an exceptional candidate who will actively contribute to the long term success of your business.

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