Hiring an executive assistant


An Executive Assistant works directly for a Senior Executive or a group thereof and as such are required to be of the highest calibre. London based Tiger Recruitment has a pool of Executive Assistants that meet the exceptional calibre that you would expect from your next Executive Assistant.

The significant impact of an Executive Assistant on a company cannot be understated and is essential for the smooth running of a Senior Executive’s business and sometimes, private lives. Through our unique marketing and branding, we attract the highest calibre candidates in the market who can demonstrate relevant and impressive experience and deliver to the highest level.

Tiger Recruitment also provides an Executive Assistant Search Division and is tasked with pairing the top 1% of our candidates with our clients. Please contact David Morel on 020 7917 1801 to find out more.


Tiger Recruitment has a talent for matching the right candidate to the unique dynamics of Senior Executives and their companies. Our team selects the right individual through careful research of the Tiger Recruitment database and by interviewing candidates specifically for your role to make sure that experience, skills and personality fit all match. 

We have long standing relationships with our candidates who are available for the position of London Executive Assistant or for an Executive Assistant positions throughout the UK or further afield.

Tiger Recruitment is experienced in resourcing candidates for Executive Assistant jobs at the highest level. 


We understand that our Executive Assistant candidates will fulfill a role where they act as ambassadors for your business. Our Executive Assistant candidates have a wealth of experience with a positive mind set and acumen for making the right decisions.

Many of our candidates are degree educated with a diverse set of skills including specific talents such as being multilingual, having international experience or an ability to take on additional specific projects. Tiger Recruitment understands that your assistant will be one of the most important people in your life and so we ensure your executive appointments are supremely competent, proactive and with great problem solving traits.

Tiger Recruitment provide a professional and intelligent recruitment solution so if you are looking to hire the right Executive Assistant then our London EA recruitment agency are here to help.

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