Hiring An Administrator


An Administrator position can vary greatly depending on the nature and size of the business. If the business support team is smaller in size, the Administrator role scope is likely to be quite broad with a comprehensive range of role responsibilities. These might range from receptionist/ switchboard tasks to invoice processing to diary management for senior executives. 

Conversely in a larger organisation where there exists dedicated switchboard operators, executive assistants and accounting support, the Administrator position might be more geared towards singular support for one department. This would likely include filing, data entry, scanning and general maintenance of important company documentation.


The recruitment of an Administrator will similarly vary depending on the role requirement. A position with a number of repetitive tasks, for example, will likely require a candidate with a very different cultural fit and background compared to a broader position better suited to a strong multi-tasker with the capacity to prioritise workloads.  

At the briefing stage, we will meet with you face-to-face to best understand the role, the ideal experience needed to succeed, and the cultural fit. Additionally we’ll determine if there are more specific skills required such as Word, data entry speed etc.


At Tiger, our candidates come from a variety of backgrounds and as such, we take the time to carefully assess their suitability for the role at hand – regardless of whether the need is temporary or more long-term. We will scrutinise their experience and skillset accordingly, assess the appropriate skills and undertake comprehensive reference checks to complete the process and provide you with a holistic perspective of your new employee. 

You can thus be safe in the knowledge that your Tiger Administrator will be culturally aligned to the business culture, possess the best skills to exceed expectations and have the opportunity to grow with the role / department.

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