Hiring An Account Executive


An Account Executive will support the account services or sales team with administrative assistance and research. Unlike many administrative roles at this level, this role is likely to be quite heavily client-facing and the incumbent will have their own responsibilities around relationship-building with clients and the media. 

Working closely with the account team to develop proposals, the Account Executive will likely research, write and distribute press releases to targeted media as well as oversee ongoing relevant market research. An important component will also involve monitoring of the media for publicity opportunities, which will inform their analysing and evaluating of media coverage for the business. 


Tiger prefers to recruit Account Executive candidates with at least a few years’ experience in a similar role so that they can be equipped with a full understanding of the requirements of this sometimes complex position.  It’s this knowledge that will then enable them to step into an accounts team and hit the ground running. 

The recruitment of a strong Account Executive will entail a thorough assessment on their written and verbal skills - imperative to the success of an Account Executive placement - while a comprehensive behavioural interview will determine their interpersonal skills and capabilities as a strong networker. While we encourage the recruitment of candidates with existing contact lists, we wouldn’t rule out a strong account exec at this level without one. 


A successful Account Executive’s communication skills are second-to-none, and it is these skills that underpin a candidate who will flourish and grow with an accounts team. They will also have a natural interest in current affairs, and be abreast of the latest trends and goings-on in their sector. With a passion for the creative industry, they will be commercially aware and have the flexibility to work across a variety of role responsibilities and fluctuating workloads. 

Tiger can assist with finding the right candidate who will grow into the position, fit into the team culture and have the potential to progress. From briefing stage through to interview, assessment and reference checking, we will work closely with you through any negotiations to ensure you’re successful in sourcing the most desirable candidate for you.

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