Hiring A Team Secretary


The role of a Team Secretary is not dissimilar from that of a PA in terms of general day-to-day responsibilities and tasks. The main difference, as the name suggests, is that this person will look after the administrative needs of a team rather than one or two senior level executives.

An effective Team Secretary will manage the diaries of several members of the team, often acting as the first point of contact over the phone as well as organising meetings and appointments. Supporting large teams can be incredibly demanding, so it’s crucial to recruit the right individual who has the skill and experience of working under pressure. 


With extensive experience recruiting for professional services clients, we understand the job description and requirements of a strong Team Secretary. Our comprehensive recruitment methodology entails a full competency and behavioural interview followed by skills testing in MS office suite as standard. If you have a specific requirement for further skills we can also accommodate additional testing.

When we take the job brief we will, unless there are exceptional circumstances, meet with you face to face to gauge an accurate understanding of the role requirements and the team’s needs. Each business is different and it’s really important to understand how the role is likely to interact with the different personalities of the team.  


Unsurprisingly, a Team Secretary should be personable and accommodating with a natural inclination to support. As their workload will usually present conflicting demands and tasks, they will need to demonstrate to us clear examples of how they prioritise as well as remain calm under pressure. 

A strong Team Secretary will be highly organised, possess excellent attention to detail and outstanding multi-tasking skills. We look for great soft skills, a robust technical toolkit and cultural alignment when we recruit. As such, you can be assured all shortlisted candidates will have completed a comprehensive and thorough assessment process. 

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