Hiring A Private PA


The role of a private PA (also known as ‘Lifestyle PA’ or ‘Private Household PA’) is highly variable and, clearly, very dependent on the lifestyles of the individuals or families they are supporting. The advantages to having someone effectively managing your personal life and the administration that goes along with that are indefinite. While time saving is a clear motivation for many in the hiring of a private PA, they can also provide additional surety to your personal life by way of overseeing the care of your children, the security of your home and the smooth organisation of your travel.

In short, having someone to help with domestic administration allows you to focus on the things that matter, whether that be quality time with your family or the time to focus on key business activity. 

In addition to the recruitment of private PAs, Tiger Recruitment also recruit domestic staff for private households in London, the UK and internationally.

Please contact David Morel on 020 7917 1801 to find out more.  


Tiger Recruitment has extensive experience in the recruitment of private PAs and as such, we understand the significance of discretion. Whether you’re looking for a short-term candidate or someone on a permanent basis, all of our candidates are rigorously screened, tested and reference checked. We are also able to arrange the signing of non-disclosure agreements if required. 

Our consultants work with a number of private PAs with a variety of diverse skills and experience. During the shortlisting process we will consider their professional backgrounds alongside character and personality fit, ensuring you're fully informed before interview stage.


Our private PAs are based in London, around the UK, and internationally - often available at short notice should the brief require them to start at a moment’s notice. 

We rely extensively on referrals and our networks to ensure our dedicated pool of private PAs  possess the high calibre experience essential to being a valued member of your household. 

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