Facilities Manager

A strong Facilities Manager ensures the physical quality of a site and the grounds, the running of the administrative services, and is the first point of contact for business security of the site and grounds.

Facilities Manager positions do vary depending on the nature and size of the business. Equally, the skillset and breadth of experience Facilities Managers possess can fluctuate – and it’s here where Tiger can add great value to you. Our in depth knowledge of the market and competencies required for an effective Facilities Manager can streamline the recruitment process for you significantly.  

What is the role of a Facilities Manager?

Typically a strong Facilities Manager will have a broad skillset and knowledge spanning heating and lighting, telephone and IT systems as well as CCTV and security equipment. It’s this knowledge, plus the overall supervisory responsibilities of business services staff, that ensure the smooth running of business operations and the safeguarding of your physical and intellectual property.

How do we identify the right Facilities Manager for your business?

Because Facilities Manager positions differ so greatly from one business to the next, the briefing stage is of utmost importance when recruiting for you. We typically prefer a face-to-face meeting to reveal the intricacies of the role and gather as much information as possible about the position and your business. 

From there we will carefully consider eligible candidates via our extensive database and professional networks, scrutinising their experience and skillset before presenting your shortlist to interview. 

What can you expect from our Facilities Manager candidates?

Just as the role of a Facilities Manager can vary significantly, so can the candidate. Getting the right fit and match is not something that can be done via online testing or a quick phone screen – it comes down to a rigorous process managed by our Tiger experience and market knowledge. 

The right Facilities Manager will be a great mentor to support staff as well as take care of the seamless running of business support services, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your physical and intellectual property is protected and secure.

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