Clients regularly ask how we source our Candidates and how are we able to attract talent ahead of our competitors.

Without giving away too many secrets, we try and keep a step ahead of the market by being more innovative and dynamic than anyone else.

Some of our achievements below:

  • First secretarial agency to create an Executive Search Division in the PA market
  • First secretarial agency to create a Virtual Division
  • First secretarial agency to create an app

The above initiatives have increased our profile significantly amongst secretarial Candidates seeking work.

In addition to the above we follow more traditional methods to source our Candidates. Please find a selection listed below:

  • Personal recommendations – perhaps the best source of high-calibre Candidates
  • Social networking sites – big and regularly updated presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Industry job sites – we have a presence on all the main ones including banners, sky scrapers etc.
  • Advertising – we advertise very strategically in magazines and newspapers and not necessarily where you might think!
  • Strong brand built over many years through strategic marketing
  • Press – please visit link. We are quoted prolifically in the press

We source Candidates through other areas as well, but as much as anything else, we are always looking at ways we can improve our Candidate sourcing. It is our inability to sit still that is perhaps our biggest advantage.

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