Who's ‘Googling’ you?

‘Google’ has become a stalking phenomenon for employers and recruiters alike. It is amazing how much you can find out about a person just by typing a name into google. Linkedin pages, facebook pages and even photos that people have shared on social networking sites can pop up. It is therefore crucial for job seekers to ensure that anything shared through viral media is censored. Make sure you are representing yourself in the best possible light. A drunken photo from your previous holiday bash with your mates in Ibiza may not create the greatest perception.

As mentioned in a previous blog “How private is your facebook”, ensure your security settings are set to “Friends Only”.

Be conscious of the information you put online at all times and be wary that employers may use the internet to gather more information on you and your background.

Type your name into google and discover how much information about you can be accessed. You may or may not need to screen this information.

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