Who do I want to represent me for this job I am interested in?

The answer is that you may not necessarily have a choice.

When a recruitment agency is briefed on a  job by a client, terms and conditions are signed. One of the clauses in these terms stipulates that the employer must pay the agency a fee if they introduce a candidate to them who they then employ. The terms go further and explain that in the event a candidate is introduced by two agencies, it is the agency who has introduced (sent their CV) the candidate first who is deemed to represent that candidate.

This is a critical point especially if you want to change your allegiance from one agency to another with respect to a particular position. Whilst you are obviously within your right to say that you no longer want to be represented by a particular agency, doing so, once your CV has been sent with your agreement, means that the other agent legally will not be able to represent you because the Employer has already received your CV.

An employer will not accept representation from an agency that has sent across a CV second unless it can be proven that a candidate’s CV had been sent across by the first agency without their permission and that the candidate had no prior knowledge of the job.

The the employer may still insist you are represented by the first agency in the case above, even though your CV should NEVER be sent to a Client without your permission.

The long and short of it is that you can ask to be removed from an agencies books at any time, but just be careful how and when you do this, because it may not be in your best interests to do so and ultimately it could reflect badly on you.

David Morel, MD

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