Top mistakes you could be making which are costing you your dream role

Looking for a new job is not a walk in the park. It takes time and patience. You will need to do everything in your power to secure your dream job. Remember, opportunities rarely just fall into place.

Never, ever, 'wing it'

The biggest mistake that a candidate can make is thinking that they can 'wing' an interview. Your interviewer will look straight through this and know instantly that you have not done your research! Take the time to prepare for your interview. Your recruiter will advise you of your interviewers’ name, the company website and may even explain the format of the interview. Ensure you use this information, but also take the time to conduct your own research. You need to blow your interviewer away. An interview is your foot in the door, a golden opportunity. Never waste such an opportunity. You will only regret it!

Avoid the fuss

By being too choosy when job hunting, you may miss out on an excellent job opportunity. Occasionally you will need to drop salary expectations in order to secure your ideal job. You may find that by making high demands from your recruiter, you may be jeopardising great options. Apply for roles which you feel you could excel at, ones which you have relevant experience to. If you apply for a role which is out of your depth, you may just end up disappointed later on down the line. Never exaggerate your skill set. Be honest, and show your interviewers and recruiters that you are keen to learn and broaden your skills.

Attention to detail

You may need to fill out an application form for the position, or you may just be required to hand in your CV. Either way, attention to detail is critical. Take the time to go through your application and/or CV with a fine tooth comb. Look for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. When creating your CV, make sure it is aesthetically appealing and clear. Make the information snappy and easy to read. The last thing you want is to lose out on an interview because your interviewer got bored reading your CV! Keep your CV and application forms professional. Your employer does not want the joker of the pack!

Tailor made CVs and documents

Never, ever, submit the same CV and cover letter to the same job. Your recruiter and interviewer will want to know why you fit the job. You will need to assess the job spec, and take the time to focus on where you could excel in the role. Put points on your CV about your relevant experience and explain why you are the person that the employer NEEDS to hire. By submitting your CV with irrelevant information, you will only be doing yourself a disservice. Never waffle on in your curriculum vitae. Try to keep it to no more than 2 pages. You do not want your recruiter and interviewer getting bored reading it. Remember, your CV is an advert for yourself, not an autobiography. Contact details are absolutely crucial on a CV. You need to be contactable by your recruiter. By failing to make a note of your contact details, a recruiter will not be able to contact you in regards to that all important interview.


During your job search, you may have come across a few setbacks, do not let these get you down. Learn from your mistakes and take the time to grow on these points. Being negative will only set you back further, so this is definitely something you should avoid! Your interviewer is looking for a positive member of staff for their team. No one wants a negative person getting everyone else down. Feeling sorry for yourself will not help a situation. Be big and brave, dust yourself off and try again. If you have had a negative experience in your previous work place, do try to keep this to yourself. Your interview does not want a bitchy member of staff joining them. They will want a resilient character who does not take things to heart.

Social media

Take the time to Google yourself. What comes up? Is there something which could damage your chances of getting your dream job? Does your Facebook page come up showing what you got up to last weekend? Think about what you are putting online. Your interviewer will be out off by pictures of you and your friends out in a Saturday night looking worse for wear! Make your social media pages private. Change your profile picture to a smart and professional image of yourself. And hide those dreaded tagged photos! Be careful with what you are tweeting about. Try to avoid talking about subjects which may offend others. Avoid swearing and having negative attitudes towards others. Perhaps consider creating social profiles for professional use. And use these to post about subjects you would actually want the interviewer to see! Try to keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. And use this tool to your advantage. Look up your interviewers on LinkedIn when conducting your research.

Keep it professional

Remember, when you are interviewing, you need to keep it professional. As soon as you walk in to the office, ensure you behave professionally. Your interview starts now. Speak clearly, avoid using any slang terms, at all costs! Never, ever, swear in an interview!

Plan your interview outfit. Dress immaculately. Make sure your outfit is washed and ironed prior to your interview. Dressing inappropriately could jeopardise your chances of securing your perfect job. Keep your make up to a minimum, tie your hair back to ensure you avoid distractions in your interview. Keep shoulders back, and listen to your interviewer. You do not want to come across as uninterested.

Think about your email address, does it need an update? Perhaps you should create an email address purely for recruiters use. An email address which you created whilst in secondary school may not be suitable for job applications! Remember to check your emails often. A recruiter may have contacted you in regards to an incredible job. But if you fail to check your emails regularly, you may miss out on your dream role.


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