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Did you know that you could use your smartphone to benefit your job search? Whether you are looking for the best route to your next interview, or you are starting your initial job search, there is an app for almost everything! Check out these top app’s recommended by the Tiger team.

City Mapper – use this app to get to your destination, City Mapper suggests routes, with their approximate timings and even costs!

Sky Scanner – this app can be highly beneficial for PA’s who are not wanting to use a travel agent, look into flights, routes and prices with this useful application.

Cardmunch – this app is fantastic for scanning business cards directly into your smartphone, where you can even then save onto your Outlook – super time efficient and super flash!

Bookatable – need to make a reservation for your boss? Look no further, Bookatable suggests the closest restaurants, shows their star rating, and enables you to make a reservation, with a confirmation sent to you instantly. 

Tiger Recruitment – if you did not know, we have our very own app! Stay up to date with the latest jobs, blogs and news by downloading this handy, free app.

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