Tips on how to exercise at work!

Tips on how to exercise at work!

The time has come, the months where we gorge on treats not only for Hallowe'en and for Christmas, but to ease the pain of the cold winter months ahead! That said, it is not just the winter months that can have a huge effect on our healthy living and diets. Working in an office can be stressful and busy, making getting out for exercise and to grab healthy meal very difficult. 

Get the blood pumping

Try to exercise regularly. It can be extremely beneficial to start your morning early, and going for a jog to wake you up. With a daily commute taking up most of your mornings and evenings. Do try to make the most of your weekend. Go for a run, or to the gym and try to keep fit! You can also try strength exercises, which are quick and simple to do. Whether this be at home, or in the office (with nobody around, of course). Try doing regular squats, lunges, sit ups and press ups. This will help with your fitness and is time efficient. 

Mind the gap

When you next go to hop on a bus, or tube, think about it. Could you walk the distance? This can be another way to up your daily exercise but to also save money on transport. Remember to pack your sensible walking trainers. It may be a fashion faux pas, but you would hate to ruin your lovely work shoes walking to and from the office each day!

When taking the tube, why not take the stairs, or walk up the escalator? Get your heart rate going! Another way to get the blood pumping through your veins is the race to get your train home. Aim to get the sooner train, and make it your mission to get there on time. When you get to the office, try the stairs rather than the lift, though this may be difficult in a sky scraper! 

On your bike

Ever thought about taking a Boris Bike to work? This is s fantastic way to commute in to the office. Not only is it time effective, but it is also extremely cost effective. For just £2 per day, you can rent a bike. The beauty of it is, you do not have to take it home, and try and find somewhere to store it. Simply pop it back into a nearby docking station. You will be able to beat the traffic and avoid the sweaty, packed tubes. Remember to dock it every half an hour, otherwise you may incur charges. 

Running club

Talk to your colleagues, ask them how they keep fit. If they are willing, why not start a company running club? Whether you organise this for the beginning, middle, or end of day. Get your running gear on and take a half hour run. This will enable you to get fit with the company of your colleagues, but also give you the time to bond and get to know your colleagues outside of an office based environment. Make sure there is a shower in your office though, otherwise it could be rather uncomfortable!


With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, you must remember to eat it! Yes, office work can be fast paced and skipping breakfast may save you valuable time. Please do not think this way! Your body needs fuel for the day ahead. Ensure you start your day with a slow release energy source, such as porridge. This should fill you up and keep you going until lunch. And will help you avoid the temptation of the lethal snacking! If you feel the need to snack, have a piece of fruit, or a vegetable! Step away from the sweets and crisps, you will only regret it afterwards. Now this is important, you may have heard the phrase 'no carbs before Marbs' batted around recently. Never, ever, cut out carbohydrates! You need carbohydrates for energy, and to perform to the best of your ability at your desk each day. By cutting out carbs, you will become very lethargic and will crash when you are needing to work. 

Just say no!

Step away from the coffee machine! Of course, there is nothing better than a piping hot cup of coffee on a Monday morning. But quite often, the things you enjoy the most are the things you do need to avoid. Start your day with water, or natural coconut water. Keep yourself refreshed and flush out your kidneys! Did you know there is more potassium in coconut water, than there is in a banana? You may not like the taste, but with the new flavoured coconut water, you can hydrate with a drink that tastes so good you would think it was bad for you!

Never skip a meal

Like breakfast, it is easy to forget to have lunch. Ensure you set aside some time to step out of the office. Take a walk and stretch your legs. When you walk into the local supermarket, think about what you are going to have. Yes, the fatty sausage rolls and chocolate bars may be convenient. Yet by spending five minutes making your lunch, you could feast of a low calorie, healthy meal. You can also save some pennies by compiling ingredients which you could use across the week. Even if you are in a rush, a low calorie soup will do the trick!

Guilty pleasures

Office work can be extremely stressful, and a glass of wine or beer, and a cigarette might sound like a dream come true come the end of the day. But think about the serious health effects! By heading home (exercising en route, of course), to a healthy meal and a nice long relaxing bath, I can assure you, you will feel a million times better. Remember there is nothing worse than suffering a hungover head and a gravelly throat come the morning!



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