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Recruitment agencies should be viewed as an integral part of a Candidate’s current and future employment and should be treated as any business relationship that is long term. 

In order to become a Candidate at Tiger, we first have to meet with you to register you. This is an integral part of the process and one that we are not willing to negotiate on. We do not simply forward CVs onto our Clients of Candidates that we have never met before. We need to meet with you to determine if you are really right for the job or not.

If you were hiring a nanny for your children, you wouldn’t just take on anyone simply from a recommendation, you would have to meet them first to see if they are indeed appropriate or not.

Once registered with Tiger, the Consultant will guide a Candidate through any changes required on their CV. We want the best possible opportunities for you and the first place to start is ensuring your CV is concise, easy to read and most importantly attracts future employers! After CV’s have been submitted to the Clients, it is then interview time! This shouldn’t be seen as something that is daunting, but rather a great opportunity for you to display to future prospective employers what you are capable of doing and what you are really about! Our Tiger Consultants are always very happy to provide any advice on interview techniques and if you feel you need more training on this and other skills such as CV writing, we provide a one-to-one ‘Training and Coaching’ session that is conducted with one of our Senior Consultants. 

After the interview process is completed and the Client would like to offer you the job, then the negotiations begin to take place. The Tiger Consultant will be in discussion with you and the Client for the best possible contract for you, within reason of course! 

Once you are offered a contract with one of our Clients, this doesn’t mean your contact with Tiger has to end here. Tiger is more than happy to provide further advice in the future to our Candidates, old or new! Even when you come up to contract negotiations or salary review in a year’s time, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call! We would hate for a good offer to pass you by because you haven’t sought your Consultant’s advice on negotiating!

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