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It goes without saying that the Personal Assistant breed tends to be female. Stereotypically a PA is seen to be a lady, but who is to say that a gent cannot do the job just as well! Over time, the position of a PA has changed - the days of pure diary management and photocopying are long gone. Personal and Executive Assistants are often required to get more involved in their boss workload, helping more with more the business aspect, rather than running errands; picking up dry cleaning and doing coffee runs. Your gender should never determine whether you can work well in a role. If you possess the relevant skills required for a job - never let being male, or female, get in your way. Why not be get your teeth stuck in and be a true right hand man, or woman!

Being a PA is a crucial position in any company. You help senior members of staff to achieve high standards of work and report to very important people within the business. Personal Assistants are trusted with an awful lot. There must be high levels of confidentiality and your boss will put his or her faith in you to meet their expectations - they may even ask you to represent the company. As a Personal Assistant, you could be required to attend important meetings with important people. Very few in the business will be able to walk straight into a role where they sit in amongst Executive level members of staff. The older generation may be stuck in their ways and may not understand why a man would want to be a PA but with the growing responsibility for Personal Assistants and the excitement and buzz that comes with the job, why would anyone not want to try?

A great PA must be very efficient and proactive, with high levels of attention to detail. Regardless of your gender. With strong skills in these areas, you will succeed as a great Personal Assistant. It can be said that PAs are in the firing line for any stress from the boss. Resilience is key in a PA/EA role. Keeping cool and calm is very important in administrative positions. You will be required to think on your feet, be a problem solver and resolve any issues immediately. A PA must be one step ahead of their boss and must constantly be thinking what if…’. Have actions ready and always be prepared for the worst case scenario. A PA is often required to take on project work on the side of their role. Working on such tasks can be extremely rewarding - knowing that you have developed an idea from start to finish and watching the outcome.

The number of male PAs is on the increase. Stereotypes are being kyboshed and men are coming to realise the importance of being a PA in the workplace. A PA can be a decision maker, particularly when representing your boss in his or hers absence. Yes, of course, the number of PAs who are female is far higher than the number of males. And it may feel that male PAs stand out from the crowd far more than a woman would. But high levels of efficiency, pro-activity and organisation are qualities you must possess as a PA, and we at Tiger Recruitment cannot see any reason as to why men cannot be extremely successful in a Personal Assistant role.

PA salaries are higher than ever. With top PA and EA roles, one can earn a very large salary. Stereotypically PAs and Administrators are seen to be lower paid than other roles within a business. Those days are long in the past. The larger the responsibilities, and the more involved you are within the business, the more you can expect to be paid. You could even take on the role of a Business Assistant in the long term. Men are becoming more and more interested in PA positions. Whether it is for the responsibility, excitement or even the salary, the number of male PAs is on the increase.

Not everyone wants to be a Career PA, however ambitious graduates may find that becoming a Personal Assistant is a great way of getting your foot in the door. Remember, you are reporting directly to Executive level members of staff, the decision maker in the business. By proving yourself to these characters, it could lead to promotions into high level positions.

You may find that places such as the UAE and Singapore will directly advertise roles as Male Personal Assistant required. The number of male PA roles is not higher abroad, it is just that they are able to advertise as directly as that. In the UK, employers cannot and will not discriminate. No job is off limits. As long as you have the skills required by the employer in their job advertisement. Why shouldnt you apply? Forget the stigma around female Personal Assistants and be open minded. It may well be the best decision you could make for your career.

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