The job of job hunting

Looking for a new job is a job within itself. For any of you who struggle to balance job hunting with your current working life, here are some tricks to help you manage your search time more efficiently and effectively.

  1. Know the recruitment agencies that will most likely be able to help. Agencies do tend to specialise in a particular industry sector. Register yourself with a selective range of agencies who you know can suggest positions that fit your requirements. Follow the roles advertised on the agency websites.
  2. With digital technology advancing, gone are the days of traipsing through hundreds of newspaper job advertisements. Utilise the array of job boards and apply for those positions that interest you most.    
  3. Tiger Recruitment Ltd advertises roles on facebook and twitter. By liking or following these pages, you can receive updates on positions that our agency is running. There is the opportunity to apply to positions through these social sites.    
  4. Tiger’s i-phone/android app has the facilities to tailor to your search requirements and will send you alerts when appropriate roles come through Tiger. If you want to be considered for any of the positions, you can apply through this platform.    
  5. Make sure you have your admin well organised prior to your search. A prepared, up-to-date CV that can be easily tweaked if necessary will benefit you hugely. It is a good idea to keep a spread sheet of the roles you have applied for and the agency name/contact for reference.    
  6. Girls were born with the awful fate of never knowing what to wear! If you are called for an interview, having an outfit pre-planned eliminates one less stress.    
  7. Being proactive is the most important thing when job searching. Put yourself out there as you never know if you don’t try.

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