The Benefits of Temp Work

There are many reasons as to why Candidates choose to do temp work. Some may have been made redundant from their last role and are looking to quickly gather some income, others may fit temp work around another commitment and often, Candidates choose to temp to gain the relevant experience to grab that dream job they have always wanted. Temporary work can range in length. Some temp placements can be for a day, others can be for a number of months. There are so many different options to fit all different types of people.

Have you ever felt the urge to avoid temp work? Do not dismiss the idea straight away. Think about how it may just work for you.


Temporary assignments can be extremely challenging. You will be going into a number of different work places, and learning new things. It is likely that you will be required to cover a work load for a member of staff who is out of the office. Therefore, you will need to pick up processes and systems very quickly. With temporary work often being very fast paced and having a fast turnaround time, you will always feel busy and challenged. You will not get the opportunity to get bored within a position.

Confidence Boost

Starting a new job can be daunting, whether it is a temporary or a permanent job. Taking those first steps into work are nerve wracking. However, by taking on temporary work placements, you will be required to do this on a regular basis, which will increase your confidence immensely. You will build your people skills each time you step foot in a new office. Building your confidence will also help you when it comes to interviewing elsewhere for new roles - as you will be able to be part of the yes movement and tell your potential employer exactly what you can offer them from all of your fantastic experience gained whilst temping.


Networking Opportunities

Sometimes, when Candidates first move to an area, they are without a job. This is where temp work can work for them, as they are able to walk straight into a great temporary job and gain experience and income quickly. Moving to a new area can be difficult, the idea of leaving friends and family behind is a scary thought. By working as a temp, you will be meeting new people on a regular basis. You will be constantly building new relationships and gaining great friends!


Flexible Working

You can chose when you want to temp, and when you do not! As long as you relay your availability to your consultant, the temporary working world is your oyster! If you feel like working one week, and not the following, it is not a problem. You can pick and choose when you want to take holiday, without it being a problem. Temporary working assignments can vary in length. Sometimes they will be for a few hours, other times they can last for months. The beauty of temp work means that you can choose exactly what you are looking for - making your work life work for you! You will be able to work as much, or as little as you want to. Check that the company you are temping for is flexible when it comes to taking time out to interview for permanent positions.



By working as a temp, you will be able to develop your skill set, and gain fantastic experience, which you can then add to your CV. A broad CV displaying a number of skills is very appealing to employers and may well get you the job, whether it be temporary or permanent, over another applicant. Remember to regularly update your CV whilst temping, making a note of key achievements within a role. Think about what will be appealing to those reviewing your CV and do try to sell yourself explaining your strong skills and fantastic experience. Temporary work works extremely well for those straight out of education. This is because you are able to try before you buy. If you are feeling a little stuck, thinking about what you want to do as a career. By taking on temp work, you will be able to assess what you actually enjoy, then move on to looking for a role in the chosen field. Think of temp work as free training - which is an immense bonus!


Paid Holiday

Did you know that temporary workers also have the rights to claim holiday pay? Good news, hey! Give your consultant a call to find out more about this!


A Job is a Job!

For those who are out of work, temporary work placements can work very well. Whether you have been made redundant from your current role, or you have taken a break from working. Temp work can be extremely beneficial to have on your CV. An employer, or recruitment agency, will be curious to find out more about your CV. They will want to discuss any gaps that you may have and will ask questions as to what you were doing during this time. If you are able to explain that you were between jobs, and were temping at the time, it will be far more appealing than explaining that you were out of work and did not bother doing anything.



Temporary work could be that all important foot in the door with employers. Blow your employer away by working hard, and they could ask to have you back each time to cover absence. Not only this, but temporary work could in fact lead to a permanent position within the company. Your employer may see great potential in you and will not want to let you go. Therefore considering you for any permanent positions which may become available. We at Tiger see a high instance of Candidates starting in a temporary role, going permanent. Think of every temp job as an interview and initial introduction to a company.


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