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One observation to be made in today’s market is the rise in Candidates who use temp work as a lucrative way to sustain an extra-curricular activity or hobby. Over the past couple of years, Tiger’s Temporary Division has seen a rise of excellent calibre Candidates looking for temporary work in conjunction with either an acting career, a start-up business or a past time that may not provide them with a maintainable income. 

Having both the experience and knowledge of sustaining not just a career as a temporary PA or a contract corporate receptionist but being able to marry this with their other interests makes the standard of Candidates incredibly high. We have a bank of highly credible Candidates in the market who offer intelligence, professionalism and versatility that is supported by their capability of being adaptable and flexible whilst sustaining their outside interests. 

The creation of our availability app has assisted Candidates in providing their availability in real time, making it easier for us to place the same top quality Candidates with our Clients. This also solves the problem of their outside interests potentially hindering their ability to temp, making the entire process entirely streamlined and consistent. 

We spoke to a couple of our “extra-curricular” temp Candidates and here are their views…

"Temping has been an excellent experience for me. As an aspiring screenwriter, I want rewarding work that still allows me the flexibility and time to focus on my ambitions and temping with Tiger has been great at allowing me to do so. The work itself is interesting and diverse. It always teaches me something new and has proven to be a surprisingly fertile source of new story ideas!" – Tiger Temp since Jan 2016

"Temping has allowed me to have flexibility in work that can fit around my career as an actress.  I have had the most interesting and varied lifestyle since working through Tiger. I have increased my skill set, grown more confident in myself and met many inspiring people which I feel has only enriched my acting." - Tiger Temp since November 2015

Rosanna Thomas

Senior Consultant - Temporary Division

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