Virtual PA

  • How Tiger Virtual can transform your business

    As technology continues to rapidly progress, so too does the way in which we work. The traditional 9-5 working week is a thing of the past for many as technology continues to give us the flexibility we need. Which is why, in 2010, we launched Tiger …

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  • Keeping on top of your workload

    In a fast paced working environment, it is critical to have excellent organisational skills. You need to keep on top of your workload at all times in order to successfully complete tasks to their deadlines.   Prioritise   An old fashioned …

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  • How To Promote Yourself as a Virtual Assistant

    There may be many reasons why you choose to go down the Virtual Assistant career path.  Perhaps you like the thought of being your own boss, setting your own schedule and knowing exactly what you can do, when. Or maybe you’re going to be …

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  • Should You Hire A Personal or Virtual/Private Assistant?

    An efficient Personal Assistant (PA) or Virtual Assistant (VA) can quite literally transform your work life or even your private life. Just think how much admin we all have to deal with these days. And equally how little time we have to spare. Is it …

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  • Supporting Entrepreneurial Spirit – Virtually

    Companies at the fore-front of business know nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit their employees possess is one of the key elements to a successful working environment, with it being well documented that an employee who is made to feel empowered is …

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