• Keeping on top of your workload

    In a fast paced working environment, it is critical to have excellent organisational skills. You need to keep on top of your workload at all times in order to successfully complete tasks to their deadlines.   Prioritise   An old fashioned …

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  • Contract negotiations and what to look out for

    The art of contract negotiating can be daunting, stressful and at times complicated. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you are getting the best outcome for yourself. If you are the successful candidate but only by a small margin and you then …

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  • TIGER and setting you up for the FUTURE

    Recruitment agencies should be viewed as an integral part of a Candidate’s current and future employment and should be treated as any business relationship that is long term.  In order to become a Candidate at Tiger, we first have to meet with …

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  • What your Tiger Consultant does for you

    Some of you may wonder what happens after you register with Tiger… What does the consultant do for you after the registration? Our database has many search filters applied to it so that when we receive a new position we filter our search according …

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  • Tiger iphone app leads the way

    Tiger Recruitment have just launched an iphone app ahead of all our competition. The Android version will follow over the next month. This app gives candidates immediate access to our latest jobs, employers the opportunity to recruit a new PA or Secretary …

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  • The Art of Being British

    Jermyn Street has many great things to offer: The finest Cheese shop in the land, Paxton & Whitfield. One of the most famous stores in the world, Fortnum & Mason. A selection of beautifully tailored suits, take your pick. And Tiger …

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