• Hiring managers, know which interview topics to avoid

    Recruiting is no walk in the park. Most hiring managers will know that a bad appointment could potentially cost their business threefold: the cost of searching, the cost of hiring, and the cost of training. So it’s all the more important to get it …

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  • The rise of portfolio workers

    In recent years we’ve seen a number of trends emerge in the world of work. Arguably one of the more unanticipated developments has been the increase of “Portfolio Workers”. The term refers to individuals pursuing multiple professions, …

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  • Five creative ways to attract the best talent

    When recruiting a new permanent role, it goes without saying that if you’re looking for the best, you’ll probably need to go above and beyond to find them, let alone secure their interest and employ them. It’s also likely they already …

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  • What are your employees saying about you online?

    We’d probably all agree that your employer brand is crucial to the successful recruitment and retention of talent for your business. And while branding is of course comprised of your external marketing and communications strategies, it’s …

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  • Looking for a Private PA? These are our Top Tips to find the best

    Are you in need of a Private PA to help you stay on top of your busy lifestyle and schedule? Much like a professional PA or EA, a Private PA can have a huge impact in helping to keep you organised at home. From managing family holidays to ensuring you& …

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  • Sexist... or uniform?

    Nicola Thorp is a London-based actress and model. In between gigs, she temps as a receptionist and administration assistant. Polished, professional and reliable, she’s the perfect temp candidate for high profile businesses looking for someone to …

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