Simple steps

  1. Ask the recruitment agent for advice on your CV. They view up to 100 CVs a day. They know what a good and bad CV looks like and they can offer fantastic tips on how to spruce up your CV so it looks and reads in the best way possible. Tiger does offer training and coaching sessions if you would like further specialist advice.
  2. Do follow their suggestions promptly especially if it is in regards to amending your CV. This will make your recruitment process more efficient. They are professionals in their field and know how their clients work and what they are looking for. Take a look at Tiger’s valuable interview tips.
  3. Ask and listen to their advice on current job market.
  4. Be clear as to what you are looking for and your salary requirements. This will help in the agency’s database search when looking for suitable candidates for a particular role. You will appear where appropriate and will stop your consultant contacting you with roles that are not of interest to you.
  5. Don’t pester. It is fine to email every now and then to remind and inform them of your current situation but there is nothing more irritating for a consultant than being bombarded by a candidate when there is no update. They will contact you as soon as they have a position that they know will be of interest to you and is suitable for your experience.
  6. Respond quickly to emails and voicemails especially if it is concerning interview times or interview feedback. If you are in the position where it is hard to communicate during office hours, drop your consultant a text and let them know when you plan on calling. The consultant can use this information to keep the client updated. These small forms of regular communication are greatly appreciated during your interview stage.
  7. Check your emails and voicemails frequently. Consultants will contact you using these forms of communication. You don’t want to miss out on an opportunity!
  8. “Manners maketh man” – be polite to your consultant. Being rude will not help your situation and will put a negative association to your name. Remember that the receptionist is also a valued member of staff and they will report back to consultants if people speak to them rudely.
  9. At Tiger, we have a free Android and iphone app that can keep you updated on all our latest roles. If you follow us on twitter or like us on facebook, you will receive feeds regarding new role postings that are being advertised. You are able to apply to positions directly through these networking tools.

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