Increase your work productivity while "getting ahead of the games"

With the 2012 games kicking off, sport and exercise seem to be at the forefront of our daily lives. Getting on your bike or walking in order to “get ahead of the games” and avoiding the congestion of the London transport system is perhaps a blessing in disguise. This forced opportunity to get out and ‘get the heart pumping’ has many more benefits than losing a few pounds. Proven research has shown that exercise also helps to increase work productivity, helping you achieve more in the day.

Despite the fact that taking exercise diminishes your physical energy, it does help to boost your mental energy. Increasing the blood flow to your brain makes you more alert, more awake and gives you the ability to perform at the top of your game.

We all know that exercise helps to improve overall physical health but I think we underestimate its power over our subconscious. The boost of a metabolic rate, the increase in stamina and released endorphins no doubt helps us all to feel more confident in ourselves. Physical health boosts your immunity and will help improve your overall work ability.

Exercise can decrease feelings of anxiety and depression. Work productivity centralises around mental health and exercise is proven to improve your state of mind. Exercise releases the chemical serotonin from the brain. Research undertaken at the University of Cambridge has shown that serotonin sends messages to the body that stimulates a positive mood and emotion. Stress is a common burden in the professional world. Serotonin can assist with balancing stress levels and in turn helps pave the way to improving relationships with your co-workers and boss.

So, while the sun is shinning (which we can all appreciate has been a rare occasion this summer), why would we want to join the crowds on the unpleasant underground? Pounding the beautiful and buzzing streets of London has generated a ‘win win’ situation – get a tan, lose some weight and see your work productivity take on a life of its own! You never know, you may even find your new exercise commute becomes a routine habit.

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