How to use the internet to find your dream job

Searching for your next job online can be a long and strenuous task. But by using the internet wisely, you will be able to find your dream job! The beauty of todays job market is that everything is instant. By following recruitment agencies on social media networking sites, you will be able to discover fantastic roles on your news feed. And if you decide to download a recruitment app, such as Tiger Recruitments (LINK), you will be able to set up job alerts. This is where you will receive notifications when jobs which meet your requirements arise on to the market.


You can get carried away when you use search engines, you may find yourself trawling through pages and pages of roles. Many may be completely irrelevant and not what you really want. Utilise your time when searching for your next job. Do avoid wasting precious time.


Take time to think about the keywords which you are Googling. Try to keep your search as tight as possible. Think about what you are looking for in your next role. What are the key areas in the position which are most appealing to you? Make sure you are listing these in your search bar. This way you will be more likely to discover your perfect job, and fast. Remember, when you are searching for PA roles, this may be listed in a different way. For instance, the recruitment agency may have listed this role as Personal Assistant, EA or Executive Assistant. Think of the different ways that a job title could be listed. And do not limit your search to just one of these job titles. If your first search does not pull up what you were hoping to find, think of other ways which may show exactly what you are looking for.


If you are searching for a role on a recruitment website, it is likely that you will be able to filter your results. You will be able to use your keywords as mentioned above. And you will also be able to state your salary expectations, contract type and perhaps even list industry type. This will enable you to pull up a search which will be far more suited to your needs and requirements.


Recruitment requires momentum. There are fantastic roles available, though there are fantastic candidates ready and waiting to fill such vacancies. Avoid procrastination, you will only regret this decision. Roles are filled quickly and to secure your dream job, you will need to move fast too.


Take the time to make job search social media profiles. Realistically, you will not want to use the same profile as your personal one. You will need to keep both profiles very separate. Keep your private page private. And use your job searching profile very professional. Connect with professionals and colleagues, and also recruitment social media pages. Recruitment agencies have a much larger social media presence than ever before. Most agencies utilise these marketing tools as it is fast, cheap and easy to attract a response. Not only are these pages beneficial for the recruitment agency and consultants, but they are fantastic for the job hunter. A social posting is an instant way to touch base with candidates. Meaning you too can keep up that all important momentum.


If you are to secure that all important interview, remember to use social media networking sites to research. You will be able to gauge company culture and personality fit by checking out their profiles. It is also beneficial to research your interviewer which you can do by searching for them on LinkedIn. They may also have social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram.


Tiger Recruitment launched the first secretarial recruitment online app. This is available for both Apple and Android devices and you can download the app here (LINK). On this app, you can set up job notifications. Which are extremely helpful when searching for a new job. Your current work life may be far too busy to keep up to date with the latest jobs - so by setting up notifications, you will be able to touch base with your consultants whenever a relevant and suitable role arises during your all important job search. Do try to register online (LINK) - Tiger Recruitment like to keep in touch with candidates. We often send out job bulletins which are sent directly to your email inbox, making your job search that little bit simpler.


Try to avoid applying for too many roles. You will only get swamped and this will mean you are not actually applying for that perfect job. Instead you are applying for anything that comes along. It may get to the point where you are required to interview for such roles and you are not actually interested in the positions. Again, wasting time during your job search. Be careful of rogue recruitment agencies. It has been known that recruitment agencies have posted false roles. This is down to data collection. Really research into a position and think about it prior to sending an application. Take the time to look over the advertisement and look at when a role was advertised. It could be that the job advert is out of date. Do contact the recruiter to check whether the role is still live and accepting applications.


Are you suitable for the role you are applying for? Read the advert thoroughly before you apply. It may state exact requirements of a client within the advertisement. If they have mentioned that they are needing a candidate with certain experience, or with a degree in a particular subject, this is a must. Unfortunately if you do not possess the relevant skills and experience, your application will be deemed as obsolete. Apply for the jobs which you know you can ace. And try to tailor your CV to suit the advert. Pin point your key skills should they be a requirement within the advert. This will make your CV and application far stronger.


Remember to keep a copy of your up-to-date CV on your home computer and on your smart phone. This way should a fantastic role arise, you will be able to instantly send your CV in application.

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