How to make temp work, work for you?

As Recruitment Consultants, one of the questions that we are asked most frequently on the temp side is “How long will it take you to find me a job?”  This question is difficult to answer for more than one reason. What we can do, is give you a bit of an insight into the processes on our side so that you can see what is happening behind the scenes and do your bit to make it easier for us to work alongside you in finding work. Not every agency and Consultant works the same way so please remember, these tips are specific to Tiger.

Why temp work?

This is where it all begins. Have a good think about what you want to get out of temp work. Is it to build your experience, keep some money coming through whilst you work on other projects to keep yourself busy before the next permanent role comes along. Know your reasons for temping as this will help us to make the right match. As a secretarial agency, the roles that we recruit for cover all industry sectors but will always have a secretarial focus. Is this what you want?

It all starts with your CV

We notice a lot of Clients ask to see CVs and in some instances meet Candidates. Bear in mind this is because they want to ensure that you have the right experience for their role and organisation in order to hit the ground running.  If our Client is looking for a receptionist, they would like to see reception experience on paper. Even for temp work, make sure your CV sells your experience.  Once your CV gets you in front of the Client, it all comes down to you…

The basics

If you have registered with Tiger you would have received a copy of our “Little Black Book” which highlights all the basics of temp work. These are all important points and it’s good to read through this as a reminder of what we expect from our temps once you have been booked into a role. It’s the little things like punctuality, switching off your mobile phone and respecting the Client dress code that can make the difference between a good temp and a great temp.

Treat every temp job like gold

Every temp role gives you an opportunity to get in front of new people, companies and contacts. Think of each temp role as a first interview and your chance to show a Client what you can do.  If you create a good impression today, it could lead to tomorrow’s job. It might be a reception role, but you never know what doors this can open.  Many of our Candidates find that what they think is going to be a one day booking leads to ongoing work simply because they have been in the right place at the right time and impressed the Client. Trust us when we say that a one day reception role can lead to your dream role as PA to CEO.

Repeat, Repeat

It’s simple, positive Client feedback leads to repeat bookings. Clients will always want to rebook Candidates that they already know and trust. When we receive positive feedback, these are the most common traits.

  • Flexibility and ‘Can Do’ Attitude: Nothing is too much to ask, right? Are you happy to make the tea and coffee yet able to assist with the complex tasks? Clients love temps that aren’t fussy about what they will and won’t do.   
  • Quick Learner: Do you pick things up quickly and ask the right questions? It’s important that the Client feels they can explain something once and feel confident that you understand and can do the job.
  • Confidence and Control: Tackle those tasks with gusto and greet the CEO with a “Good Morning” and a smile. Show that you are in control.
  • Friendly and Helpful: Do you do it with a smile? If a client feels that you will be happy to help, they will hand over more work. This can help to extend your booking.
  • Well-presented: Take pride in your appearance? Aim to be one of the well-presented people in the company and create a good impression.
  • Punctual: 5 minutes early not 5 minutes late? It makes all the difference.
  • Initiative: Whilst it is good to ask if there is anything else you can help with, it’s better to notice the things that need to be done and ask if you can help.
  • Attention to Detail: This comes in all forms. Making sure the reception room is tidy through to getting that flight booking right.
  • Common Sense:  You would be surprised how often Clients comment on this. Your ability to make the right decisions and use your judgement on the job should never be underestimated. Makes sense doesn’t it?
  • Remember, our Clients request a temp to ease the workload rather than create it.

Here to help

Remember to keep in touch with your Consultant and know that you can contact us for anything at all. We are always here to help. Whether it’s big or small, if you have any questions about your booking before, during or after call us anytime.

Contact is key

Another great way to maximise your temp opportunities is to keep in contact. E-mails or calls once per week to update your Consultant of your availability will ensure that you are on the top of our list. Even if you are booked into a role with another agency, let us know when you are free again as we always view relationships with our Candidates in the long-term. When you update your CV, send us a copy and we will update this too. Along the same lines, let us know when you are not available so we are not clogging up your inbox or voicemail.

Hopefully with these tips and some hard work on our side, we can get you out temping as soon as possible.

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