How Taking a Temporary Secretarial Job Can Help You Get Full Time Employment

Finding a Secretarial job in the current market can be tough and it’s often hard to know exactly where to start looking.  You may have just graduated from University, finished Secretarial College or come to the end of a career break, and suddenly you’re a job seeker in a competitive and demanding industry.

You may be hesitant to consider temporary placements; however, there are many reasons why as a Secretary or PA it could be extremely beneficial to sign onto a temporary contract.

Extra Experience on your CV

If you haven’t got a huge amount of work experience, taking up temporary roles is a great way to bulk out your CV and make it more attractive to future employers.  It will also show that you have used your time effectively and been proactive and efficient whilst looking for a job, and you haven’t just been sitting around waiting for something to come to you.  It will demonstrate your ability to adapt easily to a changing environment and indicate that you have a wide skill set, both of which will stand you in good stead when applying for permanent roles.

Learning new skills

Temporary jobs are a great way to gain experience and acquire new skills, for example, time management, minute taking and diary management.  Different companies or bosses will have different requirements and expectations from their PAs or Secretaries, so putting yourself in these situations will allow you to develop and adapt your skills to suit the environment, which can then be taken on to the next.

Explore different industries

When looking for a Secretarial or PA job it can be difficult to know what industry you’d like to go into.  You might find you thrive in a Finance company or a Private Bank, or perhaps being part of a Media or Advertising firm would be more appealing. Temporary roles will allow you to find out what it’s like to work in different industries and allow you to narrow your job search down to where you’d like to be.  It is often helpful for recruiters to know what sector you’d ideally like to go into so they can put you forward for jobs that will really suit you.


It is increasingly important to build up your contacts when looking for a job and you can be doing this whilst temping.  Be it for a good reference or to meet people who work in the sector you’re looking to go in to for advice or help further down the line, networking is essential for a jobseeker and temping is a great way to build up contacts.

Make a good impression

Temporary jobs can often lead to permanent positions.  You could prove yourself to be invaluable to the company and show the employer that you’re just what they’re looking for.  It will also give you the chance to do a ‘test-run’ of the job and see if it is something you want to continue long-term.

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