How private is your facebook?

With facebook’s new “timeline”, it will make it even easier for people to view your personal information. It is therefore important to ensure that your facebook is as private as it can be!

It is a known fact that future employers use facebook as a source for finding information on employees, both future and present, and some companies may even look at your profile previous to your interview. It is therefore crucial that you edit your timeline accordingly.

  1. Privacy Settings: Protect the content you publish whether it is status updates, photos or videos. Ensure that they are set to “Friends Only” visibility. This way, only your contacts can view the intricate details of your profile from tagged photos to relationship status. Your future boss does not need to know that your love life is “complicated”!
  2. Make your contact information private: Ensure that email addresses, phone numbers and other information can only be seen by your friends or network.
  3. Profile/Banner Photos: Try and use a profile photo and banner that represent you in the best light possible. This could be within a cultural environment or a setting of interest. An image from your friend’s hen night would not necessarily give the best impression to a potential employer.
  4. Delete inappropriate photos: It would be advised that you remove any tags on photos that you do not like. A tag puts your name to a face and the photo can be seen by your friend’s contacts – some of which you may not know.
  5. Delete inappropriate posts: Take time in deleting any inappropriate posts on both your timeline and also timelines of your friends. Your friends may not have the same privacy settings as you so old posts can be tracked.

Be conscious of the information you put online at all times and be wary that employers may use the internet to gather more information on you and your background.

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