Cakes and Recruitment... An Eclectic Mix!

It was the end of 2012 when I decided something in my life needed to change and I wanted more of a challenge. Having done a lot of hard graft for many years for other people and their businesses, I decided to turn this around and continue to work hard, but for myself rather than someone else. This was the start of Sugarella Cakes.

I kept my full time job but word was spreading quickly about my cakes and it was time for me to quit full time work and commit myself to the business for a few months, mainly to get my website up and running and all the necessary administrational details required to set off with a bang.

However, when I started Sugarella Cakes I made a vow that I would not borrow any money from the bank, and any money I made from the cakes was not to be spent but to be saved for my dream kitchen, which I hope to create one day in the not too distant future. So, how was I going to build my cake empire without any funding?

I came across Tiger Recruitment in my hunt for a small income that was going to pay my bills, but also allow me to continue to work on my ultimate passion with enough time to make a success of it. I joined their small friendly team in September 2013 and work at their offices in Jermyn Street on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This works really well for me as most of my cake orders are for the weekend, so Thursdays and Fridays are spent making the cakes and I then take them for delivery on a Saturday. Sundays I usually try to keep free for a ‘day off’ but that is becoming a rare occasion these days!

I would strongly recommend anyone wanting to turn a passion or skill into a small business to consider taking on a part time job that easily fits in around it. It will give you the security of a guaranteed income each month which can relieve a lot of pressure and stress.

Running your own business is not easy and having a job alongside your own business is even harder. You need to be extremely committed to both to make it work, and I work a lot of late nights and weekends in order to fit everything in. 

Time and cash flow is limited - I have had to forget about holidays and my previously active social life for the last year. The bonus of that though is I now appreciate small luxuries and spending time with my friends and family so much more than I used to when it does happen. 

I am thrilled to have found Tiger Recruitment and the team are all huge supporters of Sugarella Cakes (or perhaps the off cuts I sometimes bring in to the office!). I hope to continue to grow and am looking forward to the future success of Sugarella Cakes.

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