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  • Five reasons you should consider a career as a receptionist

    The role of the receptionist is one that’s often overlooked by candidates as a long-term profession. But with the right company, career-receptionists can enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling career. We meet a number of front office candidates looking …

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  • Five steps to finding a great PA job in London

    There’s no doubt about it: London is an incredible place to live and work. The City boasts a deep-rooted history as the hub of financial services, evidenced by the stunning architecture and consistent buzz of activity. Cross over to the West End …

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  • Five talking points you should always bring up in interview

    You’ve registered with your recruiter, your CV has been sent to the hiring manager and you’ve secured an interview. Congrats! The next step involves preparing for an interview. We all know this can take time to do properly, especially if you …

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  • The technology you need to know

    We can all appreciate the extent to which technology dictates our working lives. However for PAs, in particular, it’s increasingly significant to be in-the-know with the emerging technologies available. It can seriously impact the productivity of …

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  • Hire your household staff for the summer

    Summer is officially here, school is almost out and holidays are just around the corner. You can almost smell the salty air and sun tan lotion. As the anticipation of your imminent break from everyday life rises, know that if you haven’t yet hired …

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  • Five foods to boost your productivity at work

    As summer grudgingly creeps in and we start to lose the layers, many of us are equally becoming more conscious of the coinciding bikini season. But starving ourselves for the sake of losing a few pounds in the short-term does awful things to our bodies …

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  • Why temping could be your best career move yet

    When you think about your career, temporary work probably isn’t the first thing that springs to mind as an avenue that will lead you to your dream role. In reality though, it can provide great in-roads into incredible careers you may not have even …

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