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  • So you want to be a Private PA?

    The recent addition of Tiger Private has allowed us the resource to focus exclusively on the recruitment of Private staff and Private PAs, while our Business Support division can continue to recruit professional PAs and EAs into businesses. We often …

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  • Is a stable team always a good thing?

    The UK and global political climates and economies have seen extensive changes and many surprises in the last decade. For many, that means job security is all the more important. The latest development in the UK is Theresa May’s calling for a & …

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  • How to excel in a Skype interview

    Skype interviews are becoming a more common and acceptable practice in contemporary hiring processes, and are even a go-to first choice in some instances - especially at first-stage interview. Using Skype, as opposed to the telephone, is a preference …

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  • Four reasons why diverse hiring is better for us all

    Diversity is no longer a buzzword. It’s business-critical.  Most of us would agree that diverse hiring is a positive thing for the economy, however, it goes without saying that for many, it’s still a highly contentious topic. Hiring …

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  • Is three months’ notice a good or bad thing?

    Increasingly, employers are putting their administrative staff on three months’ notice as opposed to one months’ notice. The motivation behind this is partly a reaction to the evolution of the PA role, and partly a fear of being ‘left …

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