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  • 10 ways to stay productive at work

    Is anyone else feeling the January blues? January is one of the most popular times of the year for booking holidays, and it’s no wonder!  Getting back into the swing of work after the Christmas break can feel like an almost-impossible task. …

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  • Five reasons you should just be yourself in interview

    Clammy hands. Wobbly knees. Shaking voice. Churning stomach.  Do you experience any of these just before an interview? If so, you’re not alone!  There’s no doubt that nerves or simply lack of confidence can cause you to behave …

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  • New year, new team?

    2016 was a big year. It’s safe to say Brexit came as a shock to many, and by no means readied us for Trump’s election later in the year. These political surprises were also peppered with a number of significant celebrity deaths: Prince, …

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  • What interviewers are thinking

    In more successful interviews, the hiring manager says very little and the Candidate does most of the talking. While they will prompt you along the way with key questions, there’s a strong chance many of their queries might never be raised. So how …

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