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  • How to impress in a phone interview

    From panels to skype calls, google hangouts to coffee shop meets, there are many different ways to be interviewed. You should be prepared for them all. Phone interviews, especially, are very common, not least because they’re a practical way for …

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  • Top five tips for settling into a new role

    Starting a new job is usually an exciting prospect for most of us, but it can stir up feelings of immense nervousness too. (Temping can be a great way to get used to different working environments quickly if you haven’t already tried it.) The …

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  • Working with your recruiter to win the best interview

    How many recruiters have you worked with over the years? None? Five? Twenty? We’d bet that the more recruiters you’ve worked with, the more wary you’ve become. Unfortunately, there are a number out there who give the rest of us a bad …

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  • Five things you should drop from your job ads today

    As recruiters, we spend an awful lot of time writing job ads. A lot of time… and we don’t mind admitting that it never stops being a learning process! But while we’re fortunate enough to have a fantastic database to draw great …

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