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  • Finding Secretarial jobs in London without the stress

    If you’ve recently moved to London it may have come to your attention that… it is absolutely huge! Unlike many cities where the core business activity is localised to the central business district, London is sprawling – as are its …

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  • Top Tips for Landing the Perfect Secretarial Job

    If you’re a PA or EA, you’ll know that great secretarial roles don’t come along too often. Regardless of the sector you want to work in, finding a great team, supportive manager, ideal business culture AND rewarding work is no mean …

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  • When recruiting, which skillsets really count on a job ad?

    You have a new position to recruit, and fortunately, you’ve been able to dig up an old job advertisement from when you recruited last time! You can just post the same one up online with minimal effort required. Right? We’d recommend not, at …

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  • Top Six CV Mistakes that could cost you the job

    Grammar errors and poor spelling are the obvious mistakes made on a CV, but less noticeable blunders could also be costing you the next big step in your career. How do you find the right balance between keeping it concise and including extra detail that …

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