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  • Five ways to approach a poorly-prepared interviewer

    If you’ve ever listened to a recruiter’s advice, you’ll know that preparation is crucial to a successful interview. But what happens if your interviewer hasn’t extended the same courtesy in their preparation? What happens if you …

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  • Hiring managers, know which interview topics to avoid

    Recruiting is no walk in the park. Most hiring managers will know that a bad appointment could potentially cost their business threefold: the cost of searching, the cost of hiring, and the cost of training. So it’s all the more important to get it …

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  • The rise of portfolio workers

    In recent years we’ve seen a number of trends emerge in the world of work. Arguably one of the more unanticipated developments has been the increase of “Portfolio Workers”. The term refers to individuals pursuing multiple professions, …

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  • 5 tips to balance your career with raising a family

    In the wake of recent news that the gender pay gap widens after women start a family, it stands to reason that for many, having both a successful career and a fulfilled family life, feels even further out of reach. But that doesn’t have to be the …

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  • How to excel at ten different types of interviews

    Every interviewer will have their own personal preference around interview styles. Each interview format will require a slightly different approach on your part as the interviewee. Take note of the tips below and you won’t go wrong! 1. The phone …

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