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  • Four steps to writing the perfect cover letter

    In most circumstances, a cover letter is the first opportunity you’ll have to impress a new employer. While a CV is often a factual and informative way to represent your career to date, the cover letter should offer some insight into your …

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  • Five signs of workplace stress and how you can help to relieve it

    While some stress is a relatively common component among many jobs today, there are professions that can cause tensions to rise more than most. Plus, people can simply respond differently to pressure. Sometimes, the signs are pretty obvious. In others, …

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  • Candidates, What’s in store for 2016?

    In 2015, we saw some incredible talent who we placed in their dream jobs! The beginning of 2016 has started very strong and we are looking forward to continuing this trend in this coming year. We are very impressed with the amazing talent in the UK, and …

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