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  • Flexible working: what you need to know

    It’s a phrase we’re hearing more and more. We’re listening to HR managers, with increasing enthusiasm, tell us that flexible working now forms part of their official employee benefits package. But what does it actually mean, and more …

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  • Resigning: How to do it the right way

    Handing in your resignation is rarely a walk in the park. For one, how do you navigate your approach with your line manager and let them know the job is no longer for you? If you’re confident you’ve made the right decision and it’s …

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  • 5 Tips to Prepare for a Job Interview

    It goes without saying that preparation for a job interview is essential to its success. Interviews can creep up on you and just like exams, good prep and planning is key if you want to pass! We’ve collated five tips we believe are essential to …

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  • How to identify a competent secretarial agency

    Finding a competent, let alone great, secretarial agency in London can be a challenge. Let’s face it: there are plenty! How do you know their ethics are aligned with yours? How can you be sure they’ve properly screened their candidates? …

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