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  • Should You Hire A Personal or Virtual/Private Assistant?

    An efficient Personal Assistant (PA) or Virtual Assistant (VA) can quite literally transform your work life or even your private life. Just think how much admin we all have to deal with these days. And equally how little time we have to spare. Is it …

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  • How to Use Your Time as a Job Seeker

    It’s a phrase we’ve all heard and really is quite true, “looking for a job is a full time job”. Searching for the right opportunity, preparing and going for interviews, waiting for a call back or sometimes a rejection is …

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  • How To Find The Ideal Job

    Finding the ideal job is the aim of every job seeker and there are just not enough “ideal jobs” out there for everyone to be satisfied. That said the task is not impossible! I hope the following tips will help you in your quest and at least …

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  • Top Interview Mistakes You Need to Avoid

    Good interview technique is critical in a market where an employer has a lot of choice. You can put yourself ahead of the competition by avoiding simple errors that your competitors might make. Examples of the biggest no no’s are listed below: …

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